Claymore Chapter 111: The ‘Winged’ Reason

Who? What? Were? Ass-Kicking Action (Y)

One word: OMFG EPIC. Ok, so that makes it two but who gives a damn. Claymore finally updated! Like after so many months of waiting and finally, on new years, it was realeased. YES! Now that’s gotta be the best new years ever x)

Back on track. So we’re left off from the previous chapter where a new Claymore team is introduced – the leader a number 7 of the new arc named Anastasia. Surprisingly, she seems to be the most openly conercened about her teammates from all the single digits I’ve seen so far (excluding Miria and Tereasa who do so through character development). Anastasia and her group then get raided by a huge mass of awakened males as they travel back to HQ. And man, they’re ugly. 

Though it was short, I think what Nirohiro was trying to do in this chap was show off the new single digit and her fighting. Apparently, she’s a fairy. Jokes, jokes. But she supposedly ‘floats’ whilst fighting (probs some mega Claymore secret technique with her legs) hence the name of this chap when she says something about it being useless if the truth behind is revealed or something.

Moving from the curly haired blonde.

As one of Claymores are injured deeply, Anastasia and Nike (no. 15) tell them to run away quickly. And then BAM! This is were the good part comes :D

The four notice more youki presences and think they’re doomed and gonna die since they’re just that bad. But no, it’s actually Devene, Helen and peeps (w/e the rest are called). They effortlessly kill all the awakened guys and Anastasia’s team is completely dumbfounded. HAHA, I love it when that happens.

And that’s pretty much about it. Norihiro, you better update soon >:( Ya always leaving us in suspense humph.
(To all those who are interesed in reading this chapter, here ya go.)


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