MAJOR BISHIE ALERT! Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan 01

Hijikata & Souji . NOSEBLEED

I was really excited when Hakuouki got announced to be an anime but now, having watched the first ep, my fan girl screamings have somewhat died. Other than the fact that we’ve got good looking guys, towards the end, I wasn’t gripping my seat, dying for more, like I had hoped I would be.

As for the plot?

We’ve got a protagonist, Yukimura Chizuru, who is the daugther of a missing doctor. She’s short and looks just like a little kid; a kid who’s far too young to be surround by these mature, sexy-looking men. Anyways. She sets off to Kyoto in search of him where along the way she somehow becomes entangled with two outlaw samurais. These two then get murdered by these “failed soldiers” who then get murdered by the Shinsengumi, or really, just Saito-kun himself.

Since our pink little protagonist aka Chizuru witnessed the whole thing, the Shinsengumi take her back to headquarters. They spend a few mins blabbering about last night’s incident and a few more to realise that this “kid” is in fact a woman. They also realise she is the daugther of the doctor who they happen to be looking for and don’t seem to like. Let’s hope the reason’s a good one.

So overall, first impressions:

– Nice graphics with hot, sexy looking bishies <3
– There’s potential.

– Personally I prefer my protagonists to look a tad bit older, or atleast old enough to rid of that facial chubbyness.
– Lacks a few details and includes those which could be compensated for.
– More action PLEASE? We were left with the bishies only sitting around and talking in this ep (except for the less-than-a-minute-Saito-kills-bad-guys part)


PLOT: Nice basis, but could’ve been better in this ep. So 6/10
GRAPHICS: 9/10. Almost worth nosebleeding for if only Chizuru didn’t have those huge mega shoujo eyes.
MUSIC: Suits the anime just as it should so a 10/10

So hmm…about an overall 7.5/10 for first impressions. Next ep better be awesome.


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