NEW PROJECTS: D.Gray Man & Kimi Ni Todoke :)

So while I don’t think Claymore will be updating anytime soon , I’ve decided to move onto my next projects: D.Gray Man and Kimi Ni Todoke. Again, I won’t be blogging the whole manga series (esp since D.Gray Man is 200+) but perhaps, I might get back to Kimi Ni Todoke one day, though I highly doubt it.

I’ve been a fan of both for a while now, loyal to all of its updates. I’m hoping for the best with the two and that nothing will go wrong along the way e.g. an uber long hiatus from the mangaka. That would be a bummer D:

And omg, yay! Season 2 of Kimi Ni Todoke will be out this month :) It’s already on my anime-to-blog list so ya, first impressions won’t be long now. Until thens.


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