Brave Heart – Nerdhead feat. 西野カナ (Nishino Kana)

Introducing The Otaku’s Blog first ever music blog :D

Brave Heart
Nerdhead feat. 西野カナ (Nishino Kana)

Its a sad song ; but I still like it ~
And personally, I don’t really like listening to songs sung by girls… its too high and it gets annoying some times =3= But this song isn’t annoying at all and don’t worry if you can’t understand it. XD
you can hear some what understand the meaning through the music itself.

I’ll be looking for the music sheets for this song and once I do ; I’LL POST IT ~

Lyrics & PV:

( Contains: Romanji, Kanji and English translations )

Karaoke Time ~ !

Due to copyright, downloads will not be linked. Sorry.
However, if you’d like, feel free to PM one of us for the song :)
– The Otaku’s Blog Staff


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11 Responses to Brave Heart – Nerdhead feat. 西野カナ (Nishino Kana)

  1. SilentSerenata says:

    Old, but still good :) At least it’ll get ppl entertained lol

  2. jacqivarius says:

    Should we be putting links for the music? Copyright bait right there. Lyrics and Youtube is fine but the actual download. *Pssst use PMs for that* ;D

    • SilentSerenata says:

      Oh yeah . Well, for the shake of copyright, let’s dismantle download links for naos . Hope ya don’t mind Azu :(

  3. SilentSerenata says:

    EDITED . LOL Highlight the last few lines. You migth see something ;)

  4. jacqivarius says:

    That’s some sneaky shit right there.

    • SilentSerenata says:

      lol u’ve got skwl 2morrow too . lol u’ll be napping ur way thro the first day of the new yr x)

  5. SilentSerenata says:

    TEE HEE <3

  6. baka-neko says:

    ehehe ~ always count on sempai for these things ~
    i dont mind at all (:

    we wouldve got punished if we left it there D:

  7. SilentSerenata says:

    Exact reason why ya have to highlight the last few lines ;)

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