[VOCALOID] Just Be Friends – 巡音ルカ (Megurine Luka)

It’s a more anime related song so yeah , and which otaku can say no to VOCALOIDS ? If you disagree ,  I WILL NEVER CONSIDER YOU TO BE A REAL OTAKU ! and ofcourse most otaku’s love this song.

1. because it’s not Miku shaking her arse in your face
(you’ll see what i mean if you play ProjectDiva2nd)
2. because ITS LUKA !  (:
3. because I like the lyrics and its a more techno-ish song. Like all vocaloid songs are, but this is just better okay >_>

Anyway so here it is :

巡音ルカMegurine Luka

PV (English subbed and with romanji so you can sing along ^^)

There are heaps of covers for this so yeah . Serenata will supply you with those, but for now, I’ll just supply you with the original ^^

Serenata: YESSSS. The spotlight at last XD LOL jksjks. But here are some of my favourite Nico Nico Douga covers for Just Be Friends:

Best one :) Just to let you know, Just Be Friends is actually sung from a  guy’s point of view.

[Zebra & Rabbit]
I wonder if it’s meant to be yaoi? >:D

Female this time

— (recommended by Jo)
[PF AUDIO – Just Be Friends (prkrock edition)]

And as usual… because of copyright lah lah lah… downloads are unavailable.
HOWEVER, we can supply you with DL’s . just keep it a secret ;)
To DL original song and PV: PM me ~Baka-Neko (:
email: becc.ahh@hotmail.com <– please do not spam .
For covers and stuff: PM SilentSerenata. *email is located on her profile*

azu-nyan & yui :)


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12 Responses to [VOCALOID] Just Be Friends – 巡音ルカ (Megurine Luka)

  1. SilentSerenata says:

    LOLLLLL . highlight ;) ahaha

    but yes, i love JFB. the lyrics r so sad even tho its a techno song ><

    • baka-neko says:

      yeaah ~
      best thing about it ; miku doesnt sing it

      which means no high pitched little kiddie voice. (:

      • SilentSerenata says:

        LOL xD YUP I reckon megu’s voice goes best with techno than any other genre. rock with vocaloid is bad. like teh msuic is good but the singing NOOOOO

  2. baka-neko says:

    yeah.. and you know whose voice i hate the most?
    KAITO .
    its the worstt >____>
    andd luka’s voice isn’t annoying.. its like any normal singers voice.

    • jacqivarius says:

      All the voices are good if the author is skilled enough. =[
      I mostly listen to the covers but I think that the authors are somewhat more talented than mainstream producers. >.>

  3. =D Lemme blow in and say My fav voices of all are Rin and Len ^O^ ♥

  4. i think its cute <3 D:=D

  5. Jo says:

    This version is the best…


  6. baka-neko says:

    ill go put it on nows >:D
    thanks btw ^^
    ill try not to start another random blabbering … w/e you call them >_>

  7. SilentSerenata says:

    YAY! Nice one jo ;) I saw some rock covers tht were really nice but the vocals jsut sucked :P

    JFB rocks 360.

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