FIRST IMPRESSION – Infinite Stratos 01: I am disappoint.

Well, since this is the only “mecha” (It’s a suit, I know) anime this season, I was hoping that it would rise to some form of commendable glory. The only glory that Infinite Stratos has is that the protagonist, Ichika, likes to throw down with everyone.

To be honest, what did I really expect? A boy with mysterious powers that joins an all girl school. They have the school setting, a harem guaranteed, and the special powers. For me, what it came down to was the design of mechs and the action scenes. Both of which were lackluster. I was only interested in this because there was finally another male protagonist that had spunk and that I hoped it would not degrade to a “yay, teamwork and togetherness” type of ending. Now that I’ve watched the first episode, I’m fairly certain I can predict the entire story arch.

I will not be covering this because I really do not like generic harem anime. Perhaps if there was some fantastical hook, then I would continue watching. Everything from the setting to the mechs are things that I’ve seen a thousand times over. I require a somewhat substantial story to keep my interest. This does not have the plot, quality, creative/artistic streaks, and even the variety of mechs seems to be copied. I mean, Ichika’s main weapon is basically Kallen’s radiation claw from Code Geass. A direct copy of it, even the glow looks the same.

Hehe, the first episode title is “Classmates are all Females.”

Status: Dropped.

P.S. I do agree that Britain has some horrible food but some of it is quite decent. Usually the puddings.

Seriously, it looks just like Kallen's technique.

Okay, I know I said spunk but I take it back. Look at his suit. Look at it.

Again, this is taken from my personal blog due to lack of staff and coverage.


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8 Responses to FIRST IMPRESSION – Infinite Stratos 01: I am disappoint.

  1. jacqivarius says:

    I think we’re uploading too much at once. All of a sudden, everyone uploaded. lol

    • SilentSerenata says:

      Well, we’ve still got about 99.8% of space available for more psots LOL . If this blog lives long enough, I’ll go and buy more space but let’s see in the meantime :)

      And yay! thnx ritsu, lova ya :) LOL atleastnow, you don’t have just 1 lonely post under ur author name .

      if this seems interesting to someone else, it’s all theirs.

  2. SilentSerenata says:

    And LOL, nice subs .

    • jacqivarius says:

      I think from now on, I’ll just post the same blog on both TOB and IG. I can post one good blog since it’s in my words anyways and link from one to the other. Exposure for both of us. ;D

      Yeah, that scene is pretty infamous now on the web. Criticizing Britain and their food. xP

      • SilentSerenata says:

        HAHA . No wonder curry was such a huge hit in Kuroshitsuji LOL

        And yea, that’ll be awesome :) It’ll also be easier for you to manage, rather than writing so much on…so much.

  3. jacqivarius says:

    Haha, true but it’s fun to just write about anime. Something that we enjoy and maybe in the future, other people will see it and enjoy it as well.

  4. SilentSerenata says:

    OK . so i’ve just watched IS n Yumekui Merry . Personally, I kidna like the protagonist in IS I’ve imma give it a shot if ep 2 turns out good. THE SUITS R EW but since he’s gonna be pwning a bitchy looking blonde, hooray >:D

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