D.Gray Man Chapter 202: A Changing World

With the winter animes rolling in this month, I’ve decided to dedicate myself into completing my blogs-in-the-waiting before I totally forget.

Skip Beat also updated a few days ago but since it’s kinda a drag now cuz it’s all focusing on Ren’s dark past (its a shuojo manga; it’s gotta be cliche) I’m not going to bother blogging the chap this time round. Perhaps if things start to get a bit spicy I might reconsider, but as I’ve already got a long-ass blog list, NTY.

D.Gray Man itself was also a bore. “The best part was the ending credits.”

LOLLL. No, no. I’m just joking by quoting from Youtube comedian Peter Chao.

But in a way, I guess I’m not, cuz really, the only part I liked was the last page where we were left of with a chair-gripping cliff-hanger. As much as I hate cliff-hangers, this one was like a somewhat “OMFG NOOOO WHYDYA HAVE TO END” and “HELL YEAH NXT CHAP IS GONNA BE SO FCKING AWESOME”. (Yeah, I swear alot but who cares ;P)

We get to meet a bully character this week. W/e his name is, he’s some Central Staff high up so no really dares to say anything back and even if they do, there are various ways to shut people up. Allen’s still locked up in jail (due to his betrayal against the organisation by not following his orders and sending Kanda and Alma to some unreachable place with the Ark). And some how, Bookman and Lavi have gotten kidnapped by the Noah family (how did that happen again? O______O”)

Back at the Noah’s house (or where ever they hang out), Tyki’s bro Sheryl is trying to dig some info about the Earl’s relationship with the 14th.

So that’s the other interesting thing this week. We got to see a scary Sheryl. YAYYYYY. Next.

So apparently the Earl and the 14th have some sort of personal war going on, the 14th wanting to kill the Earl so that he get become the Earl himself. I don’t see why at this stage – hopefully Katsura will shed some light on this.

But despite this, the Earl wants all the Noahs “to protect the 14th aka Allen, esp from the Heart”. Thus we get an angry Sheryl, probably cuz he doesn’t understand why (pffttt, like we’re any different). Bookman hestitates to give the info but Lavi’s been taken hostage with some creepy parasites ready to blow him up from inside outside. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see any more from this scene, so no, I have no idea whether Lavi is gonna die or not.

Back to HQ. The bully guy is trying to pry Allen the whereabouts of Kanda and Alma. Not that I’m complaining cuz I love seeing Kanda, but the fact that he got to be with his lover, I wouldn’t want to ruin his happy ending.

*For those who don’t know, Alma’s soul is actually that anonymous chick from Kanda’s past/flashbacks. So yeah, physically, I guess it’s a yaoi relationship LOL*

Quickly moving on to the best part of all.

Link tries to get Allen to eat some food, but then GASP, Allen starts feeling weird. In comes the bully guy with the ultimate scene of all:


I’m expecting to see the Noahs to come and save Allen now. I mean, who else ? PFFT. Forget Lenalee; she’s just as bad as Chaoji.


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2 Responses to D.Gray Man Chapter 202: A Changing World

  1. jacqivarius says:

    Damnit Link, why must you be so ignorant. Now the shit is going to hit the fan and the church is going to suffer for it. I’m expecting an explosion in the form of Noah spawn/Level 4+. Also, the 14th is awesome and I like Lenalee, she looks better with short hair.

  2. SilentSerenata says:

    LAWL .YUP, we can all blame it on Link .
    I reckon Lenalee’s alright (i prefer her over mirando) but i reckon there’s not enough action with her to make her awesome enough. Now that I think about, I reckon Katsura just put her in for the sake of at least a few female characters.

    To me, she seems more like a decorative exorcist in the anime/manga and yer, she looks cute with a bob hair do. The ponytails remind me of Black Rock Shooter

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