FIRST IMPRESSION – Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Ep. 0 / Unrequited Love Lasts The Longest

Serenata here to teach you how to summarise a summary that’s already been sumarised :)

Kimi Ni Todoke’s new OP by Tomofumi Tanizawa (same artist as before).

The secret? YOU DON’T :)

The Plot:

Like any other summary ep, there was none. But even so, we got to see a fair deal of Kurumi’s emotional thoughts as she reminiscenced about all that’s happened in season one (well, all that’s happened to her). There’s a scene where Kurumi’s at a cafe and overhears some middle school girls gossiping about romance, which then leads to our curly blonde to ponder about her own unrequited love for Kazehaya and as to how it all started and ended. Nothing exciting happens, save for a few comedy gags every now and then. Like this one:

GAHH. It's Death Note, Kurumi style D:

Towards the ED, we see Kurumi buying some chocolates for valentines saying that it’ll be her “first and last” for Kazehaya.


Truth be told, I never really liked Kurumi until she got dumped by Kazehaya. Until then, I just thought of her as a little deceptive bitch. But now, having watched this, I reckon I’ve come to understand her character a tad bit more than I did in the previous season (and my belief in Kurumi actually being a tsundere is only getting stronger).

I almost pity her, cause if you look at things this way, the only reason she didn’t approach Kazehaya back then was because she was scared that her so called friends would do some nasty things or what not. But because of all this, I appluad her for her strategic skills :) It’s actually pretty cool, though in the end she reaped what she sowed.

And yessss, I can’t wait till Kento gets introduced :) It’ll be rival time between Kazehaya and him >:D


Valetine’s just around the corner. Knowing Kimi Ni Todoke, it’ll definitely follow the manga. And we all know what that means – YUP, Kazehaya will most likely not get his chocolates until a few eps later. Poor guy.


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One Response to FIRST IMPRESSION – Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Ep. 0 / Unrequited Love Lasts The Longest

  1. jacqivarius says:

    So bubbly. o.o There are literal bubbles on the screen.

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