Kimi Ni Todoke Chapters 51 – 53

Just a brief overview of Kimi Ni Todoke’s latest 3 chaps (cause I’m lazy and can like barely remember what happened even though I only read it a few days ago).

If memory serves right, chap 50 left us with Kazehaya meeting Sawako’s family. There was the classic scene of where “THE BOYFRIEND MEETS THE FATHER” but I’m not going to dive into that in full detail (go read it here if you’re interested).

Not much is told about this part as chap 51 moves onto to the next scene where everyone’s at school having summer classes. Chizuru starts complaining about how much she hates studying and how she wants to go out and play before the sudden idea of going to the beach (cause it’s summer remember?) hits her. Sawako gets uber excited as she goes through another one of her “first time” phases. She even says “I-I-I want to go to the beach” aloud and lol, we get to see a really cute Kazehaya where like lightning flashes in the BG as he realises THE BEACH + SAWAKO = SAWAKO IN A SWIMSUIT XD

So yay, everyone goes to have fun done at the beach (except Ryuu who’s got training or something, but no worries he still appears). And OHOHOHOHO some ryuuxchizuru romance at last >:3

And no, we didn’t actually get to see Sawako in a swimsuit. But she still looked cute without it:

Not that it's our first time seeing her in a mini-skirt, but still :)

The one thing which really struck a bullet to my head though was Kento’s little talk with Ayane. Though he says “thank god Sadako and Kazehaya got together before I started to like her”, Yano picks up on the fact that he still refers to Sawako as Sadako even though he calls other girls by their first names. Yup, seems to me that he already fell for Sawako but isn’t acting on it for the sake of her happiness.

What a great guy he is .  And OH MAI, I see some implications of KentoxAyane :O

Skipping to chap 53, it’s now Sawako’s turn to meet Kazehaya’s family. (Is it just me or has Maru gotten bigger? But ofcourse, as usual, he sttacks Sawako XD)

Sawako gets to meet Kazehaya’s mother, father and lil bro (who he and his friend’s joke about Sawako’s cup size LOL kids these days XD).

And that’s pretty much it. (I know, so chap 53 didn’t get much of a summary but like I said, I can just barely remember a thing seeing as nothing exciting happened). At least from now on, it isn’t going to be awkward for the two seeing as how both of their families accept the two’s relationship.

YAY for them. Official bf and gf :)


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5 Responses to Kimi Ni Todoke Chapters 51 – 53

  1. jacqivarius says:

    “Do you have something like this?”
    “Sorry… I do”
    LOL, the father is pretty funny. Bragging about his gifts from Sawako, the author paces out each chapter very well since it always ends in a sweet moment.

    • SilentSerenata says:

      Yeah, KNT has got to be the most innocent and sweet anime&mamnga on high school romance :) Speaking of anime, I’ve gotta blog that D: And GOSICK is out. EVERYTHING’S OUT DX

  2. SilentSerenata says:

    I know aye D: so much…OVERPILING . and i’ve got work tomorrow. urg. so i wont be able to blog for a few hrs .

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