FIRST IMPRESSION – Yumekui Merry 01: Fantasy of a Dream Eater.

Gangsta Cat, my favorite kind of cat.

Yes indeed, you’d better prepare yourself for a surprisingly decent anime.

Summary: We meet the protagonist, Fujiwara Yumeji whose dreams are haunting him in not only in the dreamworld but also in reality, possibly due to his “special” abilities. A girl who calls herself Merry Nightmare comes to his apparent rescue looking for her precious hat. Merry is also special like Yumeji; having something to do with the dreamworld. This exposition episode was short, sweet, and exceedingly beautiful.

Artwork: The first thing that I noticed about this anime was the very unique art style. The background immediately remind me of Kino no Tabi in which they are similar to that of watercoloured paintings. Along with fresh and vibrant colours, it creates an intriguing atmosphere that I love. The animated portions are of the highest quality, of which I commend J.C. Staff. All in all, interesting setting and great animations. The battle scene is quite up to par as well.

I LOVE graffiti in anime and games. Well done graffiti lends numerous layers of depth to the anime.

Plot: My expectations of this anime were not high admittedly but the plot of this anime seems solid enough. There’s enough action to keep me interested and with my favorite genre being Slice of Life, the school scenes and random meanderings of the characters play to my favor. The dreamworld is a good addition as well. It gives the anime a unique aspect but seems to be integrated well enough so that they don’t feel tacked on. Being the first episode and all, I loved how they didn’t jump directly into the plot like many animes seem to do. And yet, they give the viewer a bit of an introduction into the characters/setting like every good exposition should. I’ll have to see more to give a full verdict on the plot.  

BAM, drove that right into his head!

Conclusion: This is an anime that I held to no expectations and yet this is why I enjoy watching anime. Surprisingly absorbing. In particular the art style piques my interest. A lot of fun and a welcome beginning to the 2011 Winter Season.  

P.S. This anime has a navel fetish, not that I’m complaining. ;D

I've never seen a bellybutton like that before.

Gears and water always seem to create a forlorn atmosphere.

Haha, Merry is a cutie isn't she?

Look at that crisp animation. Isn't that a wondrous thing?

From now own I will post excerpts from my own blog as we do not have the staff to write about every anime.


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10 Responses to FIRST IMPRESSION – Yumekui Merry 01: Fantasy of a Dream Eater.

  1. jacqivarius says:

    Btw Yui, my spacing is a bit loopy and I don’t know why. ;o Fix it, fix it!

  2. SilentSerenata says:

    It’s cuz we have different themes. Posts layouts depend on themes too.

  3. SilentSerenata says:

    Btw, if your doing an excerpt for this, you gonna psot up IS too o-o? Not that I mind :)

  4. jacqivarius says:

    Well, I have a blog post about how IS sucks which I can re-post here. Eh… I’ll just do it so people know that we won’t be covering it.

  5. BOOM says:


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