FIRST IMPRESSION – Puella Magi Madoka Magica 01: Birth of Majokko

What the FUCK?

So anyways, disregarding of the freaky cotton balls, this is a very intriguing anime.


The episode beings with our heroine Madoka meeting her lovely witch friend. There’s a fluffy creature bent on making her a magical girl, the obligatory transformation and highly stylized environments. A good first episode if you ask me.  


Now, like Yumekui Merry, the art style in this anime is great. In the magical/dystopian world, it has a futuristic cyberpunk feel. On the other hand, the world of reality is bright, colourful and seemingly shrouded in mirrors. A good contrast, light meets dark. As I mentioned before, the environments are very stylish. Every object is sleek and simple. Not simple as in the geometry is simple but every background in the real world focuses on only a few objects. Instead of intricate detail, they opted for a minimalist approach. That one object however, is very detailed.The caricatures are reminiscent of Hidamari Sketch which is an anime that I really enjoy.  

Subtle asymmetric interior, focussing on the sink in the middle.


At the moment, there isn’t much going on. There’s a witch, a magical animal, a magical girl, and a bunch of students. The animal seems to be the source of the magicks and wants to transform Madoka and her friend into majokko. Again, going with a linear approach and keeping people interested through the style.

Into the nether we go!


Another good entry into the 2011 Winter Season. It’s a magical girl anime which means that there IS a transformation but it doesn’t elude to anything more than that. Really, this season is full of anime that are stylish. I’m not sure if that’s going to be the trend from now on but I sure hope so. I wish that I could live in a house or town like that. The contrast between both worlds is a fantastic. I think I’ll enjoy this anime, if not for the action but for the backgrounds.



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6 Responses to FIRST IMPRESSION – Puella Magi Madoka Magica 01: Birth of Majokko

  1. baka-neko says:

    graphics are soo… gooodd !
    lol , first pic freaked me out a bit .. o_o

  2. baka-neko says:

    LOL ~ dont forget little bow ties. they have to look professional ;)

  3. SilentSerenata says:



  4. sakuraxxyume says:

    OMG!!! THE COTTON BALLS ARE SO ADORABLE!!! I want one as a huggy toy when I sleep XD

    They could do without the drawn mouths though

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