So this is my third time writing this again due to wordpad being a little bitch.

From a Shinku clone to an inspector with the weirdest hair-do, Gosick has it all.

But to a Kuroshitsuji fan such as myself, it seems no different than any other rip-off. Let’s hope BONES proves me wrong.


It’s spring 1924 and our story begins with Kazuya Kujo enrolled as a transfer student at St. Marguerite Academy, a fictional school in a fictional European country called Sauville. Infamously known as the Black Reaper for his Japanese heritage (as he has dark hair and eyes), Kujo goes to the library in search of horror stories and the such. There he stumbles upon Victorique, a child who looks like a gothic French doll (or in other words, a Shinku lookalike but black), and the two exchange a few random but weird words before Kujo runs away only to return the next day. This time, however, we get a visit from Inspector Grevil – the man with the world’s weirdest hair (don’t tell me he’s from Scotland Yard too, and omg, what a Kuro rip off name of Grell).

Turns out he’s got a poem to tell – a poem about a murder.

So that’s the mystery case this time: A fortune teller getting murdered.

The crime scene? Her bedroom.

The culprit? We’ve got three suspects: a foreign maid who speaks Hindu, the granddaughter/daugther, and a manservant who’s Arabic…?

The autopsy report? A gunshot to the woman’s right eye. (Hello? Any burn marks?)

The answer: Starts with M and ends with D.

But that’s not all; our mystery is far from complete as towards the end, Kujo and Victorique board a ship in hopes of figuring out the murderer’s motives.

And how does a magical mirror, rabbits and ‘the revenge for the box’ got to do with all this? Let’s see in ep 2.


Personally, I dislike Victorique’s character. Excluding her cute looks, everything else about her is a so-so. But what really irritated me the most this ep, was the fact that Grevil and Victorique kept on hinting about Victorique’s secret past, despite the fact that they’re unwilling to share it. True, it adds to the mystery, but it gets annoying later if it just keeps on getting repeated, especially 3 times in just one ep. It kills the fun when a character’s past and all, gets revealed far too early into the story.

Oh, and what’s with the Black Reaper thing? So what if it’s a rarity to see Japanese people? He hasn’t even killed anyone and you’re already calling him a shinigami? KUROSHITSUJI RIP-OFF FAIL.

Ofcourse I’ll still blogging this as I’m still curious to see how this develops.


Plot: 7/10
Characters: 4.5/10
Music: 6.5/10
Overall first impression: 7/10


Seems like we’ve got a storm on our way. Oh, and please ignore that last line LOL

– Serenata


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  1. baka-neko says:

    according to the jap underneath the title. It sounds like Gothic rather than gosick. It says Go-shi-ku.. so yeah O_o. translators made a mistake?

    • SilentSerenata says:

      It’s not a mistake; the creators made it that way. It’s based off a japanese novel so I have no idea why they chose that name.

  2. angel22heart says:

    I think its more like Rozen Maiden than Black Butler……………considering the doll in Rozen Maiden is like Victorique and the wimpy guy in RM is Kujo in Gosick

    get it?????????????

  3. Male lead with dark hair, characters with exotic names, a doll-like (yet mature) protagonist, AND a guy with funky hair? Sounds like Kuroshitsuji to me.

    …Still, I’m a major sucker for mystery stories… I may have to start watching this. XDDDDD

    • You should :) Though afterwhile you’ll prob come to realise that it’s mysteries are pretty bad, and that there are alot of similiarities between Gosick and Kuroshitsuji.

      Like, ALOT.

  4. Angelene76 says:

    Hello, I’m a great Kuroshitsuji fan myself, but it looks that Yana Toboso did a rip-off of Gosick – the first Gosick novel was released in Japan on December 10, 2003 and the last one on April 10, 2007. Then, they were released a manga and anime.
    Yana Toboso started with Kuroshitsuji in 2006.

    • Touche.

      To be honest, nothing is original when it comes to creatve ideas – every story is a rip-off of another. My first impression of Gosick wasn’t quite the best – it left me rather disappointed with a bitter aftertaste – and thus the antagonism within this post.

      But I still personally prefer Kuroshitsuji over the Gosick. Kuro’s mysteries are far more entertaining as one, they’re more complex, and two, twisted in till the very end. Kujo’s idiotic manner is beginning to piss me off; I dislike generic heros. Ciel prevails, he can pawn both Kujo and Victorique anytime, whether he’s crossdressing or not.

      Nevertheless, Victorique’s adorable mannerisms are still enjoyable to watch so I’ll be sticking with Gosick for a while. Just to see how things turn out.

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