Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu: Vol. 2

If the scans from Ch. 6 – 10 (exc. ch.8) weren’t so shitty I would’ve picked the better pics.. =_=” . So I guess I’ll just have to deal with these ones.

shitty scanlation >__> *GLARE*

Anyway, so their back at school, Hibino still can’t forget about the “date” with Kyouta. As hard as she tries to act natural, she can’t – especially when he goes anywhere near her. The way she acts makes Kyouta think she hates him and he goes off seeming pissed. Kyouta takes with him a list that says where everything goes and because he never returned from putting the cloth away, Hibino went to look for him and finds him with another chick. (plaayyerrr >___>) He gets rid of that chick and goes up to Hibino and “continues from where they left off” until she starts crying – which is where Kyouta admits defeat. All his friends hear about it and so later they all approach Hibino and are like ~ HEY ! IM GUNNA MAKE HIBINO MY GIRL SO THAT I’LL BE PRO-er THAN KYOUTA :DD !!

And well.. you can tell she likes him so yeaahh~ NEVER GUNNA WORK.

kyoutaxhibino moment ~ 

QUOTE: hibino… actually, you like me don’t you?
Hibino: *still frozen*
Kyouta: hey, im just joking.. there’s no way that hibino would like me… *sigh*
Never mind about that your sisters here -.-

Dw, her sister interferes even MORE ! by making Kyouta her “aim”. THUS making everything into a :::

Sakura stalks Kyouta to his work place so that he can tutor her (and get into the same school as him)BECAUSE she stole the dress that Kyouta gave Hibino, Hibino runs after her to the karaoke place and see’s them together, Kyouta and sakura
<— this image of them as Lovers.

… obviously she’s upset so she ran away and Kyouta sees her braids and runs after her and he’s very.. pissed off.  O_o (fufuufuu ~ i sense some looovee <3 )  then her sister ruins it again. =___=”  she reveals hibinos secret to kyouta… Hibino panicked and drank “water”… and fainted…

Kyouta takes her homee ~ and as for tutoring Sakura, he allowed them to go to his house as long as Hibino is there. and they bring along some food and because Sakura wants to impress Kyouta .. so they pretend that she made the food for them. and Kyouta said her cooking was good ;)  followed by another kyoutaxhibino scene.


they all go travelling together : Kyouta, Nishiki, Sakura and Hibino.
go read it yourself (:

D:< whoever scanlated this entire vol. (exc. chapter8)



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