FIRST IMPRESSION – Level E 01: Devoid of moe

Says the alien squatter.

A non-moe riddled anime? In this day and age?!

Yes, yes this anime does NOT have any moe or cute characters in it. At the moment, there isn’t even a hint of sexual appeal! Quite to my liking if I do say so myself. Level E is a sci-fi comedy anime adapted from a Shonen Jump manga from the last century. The style is very retro and semi-realistic according to the times. It proves to interest me.


In this episode we meet the protagonist Yukitaka. He’s a highschooler who moved to the rural to taste the bachelors life. However, when he moves in, a strange man is living in his apartment! New crews and engineers flock to this town inspecting what seems to be an alien spaceship. What shortly ensues are strange events involving the alien and Yukitaka’s attempt to commune. All done in a comedic but also serious fashion. An episode that all fans of SF should watch.

The classic idiot and bigger idiot duo.


The style is what you would expect from earlier mangas and anime of the century. It does have a certain Je ne sais quois. Vintage maybe. Don’t get me wrong, the quality is good but just the way that the scenes move remind me greatly of the past.

Remember the old fall over? Yep, they have it here.

Continuing on, this being a sci-fi, it has some very cool effects for the alien portions. In the opening there are the classic aliens that you would see in old B-films of the 90’s. The ones with the big heads and all. The main character, Clive, happens to be one of those nasty symbiotic ones. An intelligent alien that can shape-shift thus explaining his human form. What I have come to expect since the mid-2000’s are humanoid aliens. Whether they have cat ears or not is a different question but they always seem to resemble human life. Clive does not look anything like a human in his true form which impresses me.

BLAARGHHHH. Tendrils and many appendages!


Protect the friendly alien! This is basically the plot, being the alien that he is, Clive is being hunted down by the authorities. Why is it that humans always feel a need to flirt with disaster? If they can visit this planet, it must mean that their technology greatly exceeds ours. Anyways, I predict that Clive has an ulterior motive not known to him as he has the obligatory “amnesia”. Yukitaka and Clive versus the world. Maybe add in a heroine or two and we have a seemly solid story. Much still needs to be explained so I wouldn’t be surprised if I am wrong.

Amnesia! The easiest literary device to initiate a story.


From what I’ve seen this season, Level E will most likely reign supreme. This is the only anime to take itself seriously. No moe, no stylized characters. Purely a sci-fi extravaganza. If you like this type of thing, check it out as there isn’t much else going on right now.

The comedy is up there, trust me.

Super awesome regeneration powers go!

I love creepy kids.



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10 Responses to FIRST IMPRESSION – Level E 01: Devoid of moe

  1. SilentSerenata says:


    “I love creepy kids >:D”

  2. baka-neko says:

    LOOOOL !!!

    same ;) pedo kids are the besttt ~!

  3. SilentSerenata says:


    YAY! So it isn’t just my imagination that the site loves Azu’s blabberings.

  4. baka-neko says:

    your internet just loves me . dont deny it .
    and guess what ~?
    just cuhs you were complaining bout it.. it decided to be like .. UGH ; THIS CHICK IS SO ANNOYING FINE. ILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING NON-AZU RELATED T_T

    • SilentSerenata says:

      :O LE GASP.

      NO BULLSHITTTT . THIS SITE LOVES ME WATCHA TLKING ABOUT . HUMPH. Just cause all the times I click random posts I get you ;P

  5. baka-neko says:

    It loves me more obviouslyy ~ whenever you click random .. ITS AZUNYAN AGAIN :D

  6. Neo says:

    I’m so tempted to spoil this for everyone who hasn’t touched the manga yet XD. All I’ll say, is that his name isn’t Clive, and he ain’t no shapeshifter.

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