Rio: Rainbow Gate! Ep. 02 / LE GASP! And it’s a Giant Roulette!!!

So it would seem that the creators weren’t kidding when they decided to add a MAHOU SHOUJO TRANSFORMATION to Rio’s character the previous week. And it would also seem that I was totally wrong when I expected that this anime would continue to focus on more poker battles; so NUP, unfortunately I won’t be learning any more mega-awesome poker techniques (not that there were any to begin with) :P I quote: “I am disapoint”.

But be surprised. This week we actually got more of a decent plot than the previous, such as the introduction of ‘Gate Holders’ and ‘Gate Battles’. In a way, it sounds like Yu-Gi-Oh! and do I suppose it IS like it, but with a gambling bonus :D


Meet Ania Helsing, a dealer trainee all the way from Russia who’s been placed under Rio’s care/training. Though more of the former, seeing as Ania has got to be your clumiest charcater yet (and by clumsy, I mean dangerous-and-casino-destroying clumsy), Ania is a skilled dealer nevertheless. But even more skilled is Rio, as we find out that Rio is in fact a ‘Gate Holder’, which is basically said, one of the 13 best dealers within the world. Additionally, each 13 possess a given number on the back of their ‘Gate’ cards and must battle one another to obtain these in order to become THE ULTIMATE DEALER OF ALL. BWHAHAHAHHAHA.

With this brief intro out of the way, the story moves onto Rio’s first Gate Battle: 7 vs .3 aka Elvis-sama ~ (as quoted by his fangirls). The guy’s no different than the last: all high and mighty, proclaiming that NUMBERS or whatnot are at his beck and call.

This time however, it’s a game of roulette – and a giant one at that – instead of poker. The prize? The other’s Gate card ofcourse.

Rio bets on red 1, and HOORAY! VICTORY! is all hers (obviously). Elvis goes wallow in misery as his fangirls ditch him. Haha, poor guy. No, wait. Scratch that. His ego is horrid as hell, so meh.


…Will there be more mahou shoujo transformations? YOU BET.
(As you can see, I’ve pretty much embedded my blabberings into the summary).


So when there’s not enough ecchi scenes, they make sex jokes? ==


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