FIRST IMPRESSION – Freezing 01: Blood, Panties, and Guro

Untouchable for the moment.

Woooo! Seizure inducing, high intensity, guro anime! On the side, it has a large amount of fan service. It could be suited to my tastes.


The following below may contain highly graphic images. Gore, blood, and nudity to be precise.


I won’t go into the plot in the summary but this episode shows the protagonist and his/her role in the anime. They attempt to explain how the Pandora system works in this episode. It’s complicated… if you haven’t read the manhwa. I also say his/her because the anime seems to differ from the manhwa.

They make it complex when it really isn't. >.>


The plot seems really complicated but there are aliens invading and the Earth can stop them with Pandora. That’s basically it.

I’ll give you a short rundown on the Pandora system. So, there is a girl who is compatible with something called “stigma”. This stigma is the source of the Pandora powers. It allows them to conjure weapons and armor as well as use unique abilities. The more compatible, the more capable you are. This system is necessary to fight the invading aliens dubbed NOVA.

These Nova also have their own unique powers which involve large energy beams and a zone of “freezing”. The freezing zone effectively attacks the neural facilities of human beings caught within its range. To counter this, a male counter-part is needed to aid the Pandora. This male is one who can access their Ereinbar, they are called Limiters. An Ereinbar is an unknown organism lodged deep within the mind and controls the human senses. Activation of this Ereinbar can create a freezing effect for the benefit of the humans however, a Pandora cannot use this power. Thus, an Ereinbar Set must be created. A Pandora and Limiter must synchronize their Ereinbars. The female provides offense and the male provides a zone of relative safety.

Also, the synchronization rate seems to be the highest between a Pandora and a younger boy. Shouta love in this anime I guess. Anyways, the plot in the anime seems to diverge from it’s manhwa counterpart. At the moment, Bridgette is the series selling point as she slices and dices her enemies while training at Genetic, a school for Pandora.

You getting all this?

NOVA and their teleportation powers!


Since the artwork isn’t anything spectacular, I’ll just blabber for a bit.

To be honest, this episode was disappointing. It’s just filled with gore and underskirt shots. That is the ENTIRE episode. A bit of a gimmick in my opinion.

As I’m typing this, I can barely remember what happened. It’s not leaving any impression on my mind. There was slashing, limbs being torn off, and a few mildly nude scenes. Yup, the whole episode. If they do focus on Bridgette and alien combat, I hope that the animation team ACGT can step up their game a bit. The first half was lacking as the animations were not totally smoothed out. If it follows the manhwa more closely, I can see myself watching this.

Other than the failed attempt to explain the Pandora system, the pictures and video below can showcase the rest of the episode.

This is someone's skin. Seriously.

I hope they can fix that.

Nipple Action?


Kazuya... the return of the coward male protagonist.



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  1. SilentSerenata says:

    WOW . Now this exactly seems intersting. I might go for th gore>:D

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