Black Rock Shooter OVA Bonus Extra / For The Hardcore Fans

A spreed draw of ブラックラグーン (Black Rock Shooter/BRS), as done by HUKE.

WARNING: Do NOT plug in your headphones whilst listening to this video. Otherwise, prepare yourself for the most repetitive song ever – and by repetitive I mean the longest rerun of a 4 minute song over a time span of 25 minutes. 

For all those who don’t know me, I get my daily dose of anime from Anime Fushigi. So when I decided to visit the site today to check up on any new anime updates, I immediately noticed a BONUS EXTRA from Black Rock Shooter’s OVA.

It seemed pretty interesting at first, but really was just another one of those ‘making of’ feature videos dedicated to the hardcore fans. I still enjoyed this though, just that I wished HUKE could of in the least, used a variety of songs rather than just one.

But for those who are curious, a karoake vers. of Braveheart by GOMBAND (the official ED of the OVA) was used in this BONUS. I’ll most likely post a music blog on this later. So yeah, expect to hear it ALOT.

With many thanks to TORMAID for this bonus :)

– Serenata

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6 Responses to Black Rock Shooter OVA Bonus Extra / For The Hardcore Fans

  1. Jo says:

    Meh, I tried watching the abridge version of this. Didn’t make it all the way to the end…
    anyways, I was really hoping that Supercell was going to do the soundtrack to this OVA, but alas it wasn’t to be….


    • SilentSerenata says:

      HAHA, I hardly doubt anyone would watch this whole bonus till the very end (unless they’re hardcore). I just skipped to the ending after going at it for about 15 mins.

      • Jo says:

        Sorry my bad, I meant the actual OVA. I didn’t watch it, nor did finish watching the abridged version that [gg] came out with. It was just soooo bleh….


  2. jacqivarius says:

    You know… they never played Black Rock Shooter during the OVA. I was disappoint.

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