FIRST IMPRESSION – Starry Sky Ep 1 (Capricorn I)

The start of another reverse harem anime based off another otome game. Seeing as how the game was made up of four ‘seasons’ with three guys each, does that mean that the protagonist, Tsukiko, gets to (bang) meet with twelve guys in total in the anime? o_O


It starts off with a childhood scene that includes Tsukiko aka the protagonist, and Yoh Tomoe, a French dude who has a passion for astrology. During this time, Tomoe realizes that Tsukiko is his “first star”. Kick forward a few years and Tomoe gets the news that his father’s thesis (who is also an astrologer) has been submitted to the council and therefore the family will be going to America soon. HOWEVER, Tomoe wants to go to Japan to see Tsukiko again…

The plan is that Tomoe will go to a school in Japan for two months just so he can see his “brightest” or “first” star (different subs give different translations) and THEN go to America. Finding Tsukiko would be as easy as heck since she’s the ONLY girl in her school (that’s sorta creepy o_O).

The episode ends where Tomoe is in the school and meets Tsukiko again (after a few years).


Personally, I think Tomoe is kinda reckless and wasting his time. Here I’m thinking ‘so you plan on meeting this girl for two months and then just go back to America?’ I’m wondering if he even plans to confess to her (which I probably think not).

Another thing is the length of this episode. There’s only about eleven to twelve minutes per ep so far. They either plan to make this like Hakuouki (with many love interests but ending up with one) or make different endings for all 12 guys. If it’s the latter, I would suggest making actual episodes with a length of thirty to fourty-five minutes.


Plot: 6/10 (at least there’s something or I would’ve dumped this anime years ago; no real romance…so far but I’m still interested in how this will turn out)

Graphics: 7.5/10 (not the worst and not the best either)

Music: 2/10 (the music, I found was not fitting at all…)

Overall: 6/10


Sorry, couldn’t find a pic! But I do know that the next episode will be called “Aquarius II”. I’m pretty sure it’s going to continue the story about Yoh Tomoe and Tsukiko.

Until next time!



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4 Responses to FIRST IMPRESSION – Starry Sky Ep 1 (Capricorn I)

  1. SilentSerenata says:

    Seems like this will be a 26 ep season, since each guy gets 2 eps?

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