FIRST IMPRESSION – Kore wa Zombie desu ka? EP 1: Yes, I’m a Mahou Shoujo

afraid yet ? >:3

As much as I hate ecchi, this is actually pretty funny xD
TBH ; I was expecting something along the lines of … ero necromancers with revealing outfits and an army of their summoned monsters/zombies planning on world domination (but too bad. they won’t  ` WE WILL BEAT THEM TO IT !)

Its no where near what I was expecting. (:

The Protagonist of this story is a zombie. Don’t try this at home!
*quoted from the actual anime (:


Summary: Aikawa Ayumu, a normal high school student who one night was murdered by a serial killer. However, he is soon revived by a necromancer – thus being summoned as zombie.

Ero - little sister fantasies of the Necromancer (:

Aikawa still lives as a Highschool student – with the secret of being a zombie –  on a mission to find the person who killed him.

A Mahou Shoujo girl is on a test to kill these monsters and stuff .

panty shot =.=

Yeah … well anyway , Aikawa just happened to be in the cemetery while she was fighting.. and the bear happened to claw him and she just happened to do her Special Mahou Magical Kick ! and sliced right through him. -whilst trying to erase his memories;  her powers got taken away from her,  leaving her COMPLETELY naked. So now, Aikawa possess the powers of a Mahou Shoujo.

Kawaii (:

The real mahou shoujo girl is on the right btw.

Here’s for you perverts out there:




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6 Responses to FIRST IMPRESSION – Kore wa Zombie desu ka? EP 1: Yes, I’m a Mahou Shoujo

  1. SilentSerenata says:


  2. baka-neko says:

    they were bouncing when i screen shot it..
    omg i sound like a pervert >_>

  3. baka-neko says:

    lol. this one was actually a sequence of
    boobs and yeah .

  4. baka-neko says:

    Yes they well and truuly are (:

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