Gosick Ep. 02 / And This Is How Victorique Laughs

Am I THAT scary that you have to give me such a look?

YAY! More people dying :) And with a mega-awesome laugh from our very own Shinku clone this time round.



Continuing from ep 1, Victorique and Kujo board the ship “Queen Berry” in order to attend the “Miniature Garden Box Evening” (with ofcourse, ulterior motives of investigating the death of our previously-murdered-fortune-teller Roxanne). Dinner is served and unknown to the two, their food has been drugged. Soon enough, they find themselves locked within a room along with the rest of the other guests, however, Victorique notes that there is one extra person.

Everyone else seems just as clueless and muddled, before it is revealed that the “Miniature Garden Box Evening” was all a trap, as the “11 hares” which they were meant to watch get hunted are in fact the 11 within the room. And to make matters more thrilling, Kujo then goes on explaining a ghost story about a sunken ship by the name of Queen Berry and something about it drowning people.

But despite this Victorique seems unfazed, not even when the people around begin to get murdered. Her reaction to all this? “…hahaha.”

MAN: WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!! ; VICTORIQUE: …hahaha. There, I did you a favour by laughing at your joke.

Eventually there are only 5 people remaining and just as Victorique begins to unravel the whole case, one of our ‘hares’ decides to go psycho. Out of nowhere, he pulls out a gun and our episode ends with a bang. Literally.


For starters, thank god this ep had more of a decent plot than the previous. The comedy too, was actually COMEDY, i.e. one which made you go HAHAHA! LMAO/ROFL and not …hahaha (like Victorique). Again, we had another HINT-VICTORIQUE-HAS-A-DARK-PAST – I mean, honestly? Must BONES see that it’s only fun to remind the audience of such details ==”?

But then again, her awesome laugh made up for that, so yeah, all’s good :)

…Though I still don’t see how a ‘magical mirror’ or whatnot adds to all this.


So our case comes to an end?

– Serenata


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68 Responses to Gosick Ep. 02 / And This Is How Victorique Laughs

  1. Jo says:

    I’m still here…
    I haven’t watched gosick yet…but when I do I come back and comment…

    • SilentSerenata says:


      Jo’s ulterior motives: FOR THE COOKIES RAWR! aka stealing tob’s food stash

      XD Haha, yesh, more cookies await you.


      • Jo says:

        Darn it…you’ve discovered my secret plan…
        You see, I don’t care much about world domination. I only care about cookies…!! Lol…

        • SilentSerenata says:

          LOL XD

          So if we bribe you with cookies n food, u’ll aid us to world domination >:D

          OHOHOHOHOHO oh wait. it should be


  2. SilentSerenata says:

    LOL AGAIN more shits n giggle :P

  3. Jo says:

    No but I’ve taken the other ones… they’re nice..

  4. Jo says:

    yeah, i just checked my google reader…shit you were working hard..
    anyways…good night to you as well (or morning)..

  5. sakuraxxyume says:

    Wow…cookies and randomness…I think I’m gonna go back to fanfiction for a while…but I promise I’ll finish my projects before the deadline…

  6. SilentSerenata says:

    @sakura: mmkay, then no worries. leave it to the editors LOLLLLLL

  7. baka-neko says:

    nooo ~ we have my friend drawing one . (:

  8. sakuraxxyume says:

    ahhh, i had a good sleep…did i miss anything?

  9. sakuraxxyume says:

    —so we’re not your friends??? T_T Thats why youre lonely???—

    im gonna cry…-goes to the COR-NER- T_T

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