FIRST IMPRESSION – Fractale 01: The System

Super futuristic, Ghibli styled, conceptually unique anime! That is Fractale.

This anime gives me that feeling of satisfaction when I watch it. I wish that I could watch the next episode right away! Excitement would be a good term to describe it.


The world functions upon a computer system called the Fractale System. Humans no long have to work for money, simply uploading their life is sufficient. In this episode, Clain, who is the main protagonist, meets a girl trying to escape her captors. She is of great importance as she has a pendant holding sufficiently ancient technology seemingly of great worth.

Mom and Dad? WAT!


The plot is… very interesting. From what I can tell in the first episode, people seem to just live through the Fractale System. Clain himself, lives alone but his guardians seem to be these weird alien things called Doppels. I have no idea where his parents are but the world seems to revolve around Doppels, which you can make disappear with your mind, and very few humans.

So, as we proceed, Clain spots a girl flying through the sky on her futuristic jet motorcycle. Apparently, he’s never seen a girl in his life before! He is interrupted from his “prayer”, which consists of staring at a temple without blinking, as this girl is being chased by another flying vehicle shooting lasers.

This girl, Phyrne, appears to be wearing priestess clothes… which has yet to be explained.

Pewpewpew, blimp vs motorcycle


STUDIO GHIBLIIIIIII. Not quite but close enough. If you don’t know who Studio Ghibli is, go Google them. That is all.

TsunTsun! Not very inconspiuous are they?

I feel that this anime will be my favorite of this season. The concept is so good. A futuristic system that compiles information of every person! You don’t even have to work and because of this, equality seems to have been found. Same wages means that war is unlikely… especially if the human race is so sporadically placed. I saw a total of 6 or 7 humans other than Clain, living on the island (I would assume that it’s an island).

Doppels are a cool feature too. There is a part that shows Clain’s parents filming him as a baby, this means that he used to live with his parents. He’s not artificially produced but he no longer lives with them. Doppels replaced his parents? Maybe the Fractale System is one of the authorization robots that wishes to control all life. Who knows!

Praying consists of staring at a glowing object miles away. Seems like an easy life... live and pray once a day.

I’m sorry if I’m writing a lot but there’s a lot of write about.

There is also a bazaar-esque thing filled with Doppels. Maybe Doppels are sentient beings? There is a chubby Doppel that seems to know Clain so that might not be out of the question. They’re scattered by the police though… maybe they have no freewill.

The era seems to be around the 23rd century? Computers are still around but his Ipod has a touchable hologram thingy. Quite a cool world that they cooked up for this.

Anyways, this is another black horse of the season. I have never heard of it before but it’s totally enticing.

Maybe she isn't from the era? Time travel?

64 Gig card?!!

A loli! Also in priestess clothing.

– Jacqivarius


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