Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu: Vol. 3

Well, since I have to do a major catch-up on Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu… not to mention the latest chapter has been released which aggravated a certain sempai causing her to now demand all remaining volumes that I have to work on, along with the chapters of vol.8… before I lose my food supply T_T … *ahem*  HERE IT IS ! :D

Re-cap: Kyouta, Nishiki, Sakura and Tsubaki went travelling together on a “Study Camp” to Nishiki’s grandfather’s house.

Summary: Tsubaki fights with Sakura and so there she admits that she likes Kyouta. Sakura thinks that the night when Kyouta asked her to go to their room, was actually Nishiki asking for her and so she automatically believes that she got rejected by him (also knowing that he never actually calls her by her real name). She gives up on him and tells Hibino, if she wants to impress Kyouta, she’d have to get rid of her braids and do a cute hairstyle instead.

Later on, they set off fire works and Tsubaki decides to go somewhere else and play with sparklers instead (old fashioned. boring. again.) and Kyouta goes looking for her and teases her for dressing cute .. for once ~  and takes her to the .. planetarium? (LOL sorry my vocabulary goes only to a certain extent) and they go looking at the stars ~
<– followed by this scene :)

Due to Kyouta being disappointed, thus equaling to rejecting her… Tsubaki goes on a mission to be KAWAII <3  .  Therefore she needs money and gets a part-time job with Miho .. Saving enough money ~ she changes her look to be a Gyaru… and instead of Hime – she became .. Manbu  O_O (the girls with the fake tan.. *SHUDDER*) and due to her extreme change and the presence of.. her –  Kyouta wants to get away from her as much as he can, thus requesting to change seats (too bad.. he ends up sitting next to her again xD) Tsubaki demands an explanation from Kyouta about why she was a “disappointment”. And got replied with this:

Because you showed me a “woman” .

what kind of BS is that >_> Hibino demanded another explanation (from Nishiki this time) about the meaning to being a “WOMAN” and Nishiki tells her the story that Kyouta was actually betrayed by “WOMAN” twice. And the rest are flashbacks of his mother walking out on him and his father; along with another about a teacher who he respected but later cheated with another teacher.

Hibino’s new mission:
To stay cute & prove that she won’t betray Kyouta!

And so now – they do a set up to get Kyouta to go to school and .. see a starry sky.. with a home projector. and instantly he knows that hi-bi-no set him up to go there. -insert lovey-dovey moment here- and as a birthday gift.. she created a 3-year-gift-plan. One slide each year.. followed by the projector. Yes, he is still thinking about the betrayal crap and she snaps and tells him off. Like.. crazy. So now following on with this –>

Hibino’s Mission: FAILED. SUCCESS ! ;D

Quote: “think I can try and trust Hibino”

Ugh. Vol 3 is so long =.= … Hibino doesn’t realise that those words actually meant his “confession” to her. Anyway, so she still thinks that they’re NOT together but are getting closer. Oh, and KYOUTA GOT REJECTED FOR TRYING TO GIVE A KISS xD !! So from that chapter, he’s been trying to kiss her and she’s always trying to avoid him because of his “impure motives”. Eventually she realises that she is actually… his GIRLFRIEND. *facepalm*

HibinoxKyouta – first date: CH.17
go read it yourself.
This is officially the longest post I’ve EVER made *exhausted*.
i demand ice cream NOW.



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  1. sakuraxxyume says:

    Nice job! For that, I give you -virtual- ice cream :D

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    D: but i wann a real one T_T
    but ty anyway (:

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    what manga is this? -eager-

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