Starry Sky Ep 2 (Capricorn II)/ And It Ends For Yoh…

Left: Yoh Tomoe (love interest) Right: Tskukiko (Protagonist)

Yes it does…it ends for Henri Samuel Jean Aimee aka the French dude with red hair Yoh Tomoe. Episode 2 of Starry Sky gave me mixed feelings and made me wonder if I should really support this guy…Anyhow, onto the summary! xD


Basically Yoh is having some time with Tsukiko and two more of her friends, Nanami and Suzuya (more love interests). A month pasts and Yoh gets a phone call from his dad reminding him of going to America soon. h decides that his two months were spent well BUT before leaving, he kisses Tsukiko…

There goes the kiss... O////O ;D

…while confessing indirectly (he said I love you in French -Je’taime-) That basically ends episode two…

Somehow...that just looks SO like yaoi...


I thought Yoh Tomoe was a bitch really lame. I’m not even sure if he wanted to go out with Tsukiko and there was that certain part in the ep that suggested Yoh knew Tsukiko’s other two friends were also interested in her but he didn’t do shit about it.

The length of the eps…well, can’t really change much about it. Thank god its two eps per dude so it can actually sum up to an actual episode.

HOWEVER there is a reason that I’m gonna continue watching this because theres this guy I really wanna watch. ^////^ Anyhow…PIC SPAM!!! xD

She does look kinda cute but could do without that waft of hair between her eyes
Yeah…this was supposed to be a “sad” scene…
The rest of the love interests. I’m waiting for one of them -///- Yaoi in the corner?

Next episode…Yes, the next episode “Aquaris I” will talk about Tsubasa Amaha.  I can already predict (damn, I sound like a weather forecaster) that each episode will be named after the love interest’s zodiac sign and then the part #.

Until next time!


Great...dude with purple hair and earmuffs...interesting o_O


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  1. sakuraxxyume says:

    I just got found on fb…MUST HONE MAH NINJA SKILLS!!! >:D

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