Kuroshitsuji Chapter 53: That Butler, Brawl

WARNING: Contains mature content, or to be more specific, just blood and gore.

To all those who don’t read the manga – honestly, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. It’s got zombies, death gods, one hell of an awesome brat and his one hell of a sexy, demonic butler. And don’t forget the occasional humour here and there. What more could you ask for?

Oh, and to all those who cringe at the assumption of Kuroshitsuji being a yaoi, BAKAAAA. True we’ve got a terribly gender-confused redhead in one hand but Kuroshitsuji has got to be Toboso’s most non-yaoi manga ever. IT’S NOT EVEN SHOUNEN-AI, so watcha talking about?! Still doubt me? Then it’s merely your inner-yaoi-fan girl/boy raging in dissatisfaction.


Beautiful illustrations and intricate ideas to boost – just look at the motifs being used.

A new arc has begun and Ciel, accompanied by Sebastian, board the ship “CAMPANIA” under false pretentions of enjoying a wonderful holiday with his fiancée/cousin Elizabeth. In truth, Ciel intends to investigate a suspicious group by the name of “Aurora’s Society” which proclaims to resurrect the dead. Ciel, followed by his butler, successfully infiltrate one of their meetings and the two witness a so-called ‘resurrection’ for themselves. At the same time shinigami Ronald Knox makes his way towards the scene, when the ‘resurrection’ results in failure and thus we are left a murderous zombie on the loose. 

I’m sure we all know who he’s referring to here *COUGH the gay redhead COUGH*


Sebastian continues to have troubles ridding of the crazed zombie whom unfortunately, his silverware can’t seem to kill. Bullets don’t seem to make much of a difference either (save for piercing some holes into its flesh), and so our zombie creator flees the scene whilst letting his colleagues get…eaten away? Seems like that’s the only conclusion we can draw from at this stage.

However in comes Ronald Knox, our newly introduced Shinigami, to save the day – by shredding the zombie’s head with a lawnmower aka his own death scythe. He states that the zombie was soulless, despite it being able to move, before launching an allow-me-to-chop-off-your-head-too attack on Sebastian. A battle ensures between demon and shinigami (because they’re natural enemies) and not bothering to wait for its end, Ciel ditches Sebastian to go pursue the runaway doctor/zombie creator.

Scene change. Elizabeth attempts to give some cake to Ciel (who’s still pursuing the bad guy) and ‘surprise’ would be an overestimate when she sees that a gun is aimed at her face by the very same boy/fiancée. You’d reckon she’d have more of a dramatic scream rather than just a simple yelp – perhaps Toboso is hinting something here? Mhmm…

The couple team up with Snake (Phantomhive’s newly hired footman) just before another soulless zombie pops out of nowhere and RAWR! ATTACKS! Dodging the bite (cause they eat/chew on human flesh remember), Ciel notices the insignia of the Aurora Society on a nearby coffin (which are where the zombies reside in). Like pretty much always, Toboso leaves us with a cliff-hanger as Snake points out that there are ‘many more coffins behind’.


Cheers for the latest release! Looking back, my recap somewhat reminds me of Gosick. Urg. Let’s not dwell not that matter; my love towards Gosick is dissipating now.

And YAY! Toboso once again, has not disappointed us with her imagination :) Though why corset-looking locks of all things? Why not multiple-chains-and-locks? Oh wait, she’s trying to show to us the bad guy’s stupidity XD (that’s a joke btw)

Speaking of jokes, seems like we won’t be getting any for a while in Kuroshitsuji since the plot’s deadly serious at the moment. But that’s still good :) Can’t wait to see what next chap will have in store for us.

Next Release: 18th February, 2011

– Serenata


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15 Responses to Kuroshitsuji Chapter 53: That Butler, Brawl

  1. jacqivarius says:

    Ciel’s life would be so much easier if Elizabeth weren’t there. I kind of liked him more as a prick than the gentleman.

    • SilentSerenata says:

      Ditto, but if Elizabeth didn’t exist then the fans would undoubtedly think it’s gonna be yaoi between Sebby and Ciel :P


  2. Well written summary! Despite a slightly lame last page that is reminiscent of Adventure/Thriller movie posters, this arc is getting pretty intense.
    Any speculations on what would happen next?

    • SilentSerenata says:

      Thanks! Though I have no idea who you are, I appreciate your compliment very much :)

      As for future predictions, honestly, I have no idea. I’m assuming you’ve read the manga yes? Wells, after having read the previous arc (the mad dinner party which resulted in one hell of a twisted trap), I’m clueless as to how Toboso would continue with her story. Just when I think I’ve come to understand her mystries, BANG. Another surprise, another twist.

      But hmmm…I’m still suspicious of Snake’s role in all this. I mean, you’d reckon that Ciel would have killed all those from the Circus Arc, unless ofcourse, he has other plans in store for them. I’m definitely curious to see how Snake would react to all this – the zombies and whatnot.

      • I’d like to see Ciel protect somebody for once. Snake doesn’t seem to be a fighter (I’m pretty sure zombies are immune to snakes and its venom), and Sebastian’s got his hands full, so there’s nobody to save bocchan this time.


        Not likely. What would Ciel do now? D:

        • LOL :D

          But I wouldn’t be surprised if Lizzy did turn out to have some sort of fighting or self-defence skills…like fencing perhaps? Her mother did used to be a pro, so there’s always the possiblity – just that Lizzy seems to be a highly unlikely character whho would engage in any form of combat.

          As for Ciel…er, maybe Snake and him will form some fighting duo together? VENOMOUS SNAKES + A GUN = ?

          Who knows.

        • yuuhi says:

          How ironic. If you read the latest chapter, Lizzy turns out to be something even better than karate and she looks like she did completed a zombie killing course.

          it was the first time I thought that she was sooo awesome. :]

          • Yes, for once, she isn’t all that useless. We now know Elizabeth can kick ass! Wish she could have done so from the beginning, but then again, that would kill the fun. Now the only one who lacks fighting skills is Ciel.

          • Yes, for once, she isn’t all that useless. We now know Elizabeth can kick ass! Wish she could have done so from the beginning, but then again, that would kill the fun. Now the only one who lacks fighting skills is Ciel.

            • baka-neko says:

              guess there’s always surprises out there. ciel has no needs for fighting skills. he has a superhuman butler :D

  3. visitor says:

    Yup. A superhuman butler who wants to eat him eventually. Ciel definitely needs some fighting skills.

    • Haha, perhaps Yana Toboso might surprise us there with Ciel’s own fighting skills. Has anyone ever witnessed him wield – and actually use – a gun? (Other than in the Circus arc of course). Perhaps there might be a possibility with that?

      • visitor says:

        He uses a gun a lot in this arc, doesn’t he? He’s pretty good with firearms (and pretty much anything that requires hand-eye coordination, I think) so I guess that’s the best his fighting skills go. Pretty useful, as long as he doesn’t run out of bullets. I sure hope he gets better with swordfighting. It’s be nice to see a ciel-lizzy sword collaboration :)

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