Serenata: Typically I would leave these sorts of random ramblings to Baka-Neko aka Azu-Nyan since they’re her speciality, but seeing as this is a special occassion, OHOHOHOHOHO! The admin must celebrate as well >:D

azunyan: whaddya mean its my SPECIALITY D:< im already being a slave for correcting your HTML for the rest of my life.

So here it is!

The 2011 staff of The Otaku’s Blog would like to thank all of our stalkers, lurkers, subscribers, readers…etc. (AND FANS) for giving us

 1,000 hits

Here’s a video in commemoration of this day!

The answer? It’s Makoron dancing to Renai Circulation :)

And here’s some more K-ON fun:

Lol add in from azunyan:
We’ve decided on our 100-hits-a-day praying ritual – that we will sing FUWA FUWA TIME !
so for you .. fans? visitors? out there ~ here’s our short lyrics ~ ^^
aaah kamisama~ ONEGAI
ichido dake no HYAKU HITSU lah-lah-lah kudasai ~
(lol ran out of lyrics.. ^^;)

Yuisempai & Azunyan


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41 Responses to THANKS FOR THE 1,000+ HITS!

  1. SilentSerenata says:

    OHOHOHOHO . And in 2wks and 1 day >:D

  2. jacqivarius says:

    Now for 10000 views! WE CAN DO THISSSS!

  3. Jo says:

    Congrats on the 1000+
    *starts munching on some cookies…*

    • SilentSerenata says:

      LOLLLLL AHAHAHA, you didn’t even guess the answer XD

      • Jo says:

        There are always cookies for me regardless of whether or not I get the answer…Lol..
        cookies for me…

        • SilentSerenata says:

          XD yesh yesh . definitely.

          You are, afterall, our very oen cookie monster. We’ve got stashes of cookies hidden everywhere just for you :)

          And yeah, thanks. 1000+ was also thnks to your random blabberings as well. All of our shits and giggles gave us our populartiy >:D

          • Jo says:

            Nom nom nom nom nom…
            Heh..its fun around here, thats why I keep coming back. That and for the cookies..

            • SilentSerenata says:


              It’s got me as it’s admin *PROUD LOOK* >:D

              P.S How was your day? ;P

              • Jo says:

                Lol…an admin who is a slave driver with a chainsaw..

                My day….didn’t do much. Tried reading some stuff, but didn’t get very far… other than that, just messing about on the internets..

                • SilentSerenata says:

                  EHEHE ;) Shhh . Watch tlking about; I don’t have no chainsaw or any slaves *COUGH COUGH BS COUGH COUGH*

                  *innocent look* ^^

                  Haha, yah INTERNET FTW ~

  4. Jo says:

    Poor neko…she’s become everyones litte slave…
    Lol…you should feed her more funa when she gets back…

  5. SilentSerenata says:

    No wait, you can give her your “fish…vegetables…and bicycles” XD

  6. baka-neko.. (: says:

    we shall praise her more. afterall she does visit alot (:

    (azu btw. ~ I cbf logging in.)

  7. baka-neko says:

    you guys always talk about me
    and yes i am slaving away ~ EDITING OUR NEW BANNER :D

  8. SilentSerenata says:

    At the net cafe, 15mins before work starts ;P (cuz mobile has no net)
    I shall be back ~ hopefully….>.>

  9. Jo says:

    Bored out of my mind…
    Got conned into going somewhere I don’t like by my grandmother…

  10. Jo says:

    She said she wanted me to drive her to a friends place for dinner. So I did. Turns out its a religious meeting of some sorts. They tried converting me when I was younger, so I usually try and stay away.
    They’re nice people, but I don’t like being here…

    • SilentSerenata says:

      LMAO / Oh god, poor you . I’m aethist so I don’t have much of a religious attachment (or really any at that).

      So where you’ve decided to come to tob to kill ur boredom? LOLL
      Wait, so ur still at that religious meeting even now? O___O

  11. Jo says:

    Heh, I believe there is someone upstairs, other than that I’m not that religious either.
    Its actually quite funny, cos religious types like to recruit/convert me. Its like I have a sign on my forehead saying ‘convert me’ or something. My sister never gets recruit, its always me lol…

    But yeah, I’m still at the meeting now. Just got here 15mins ago.

    • SilentSerenata says:

      LOLL Maybe it’s ur evil aura that they’re sensing; like maybing tis saying aloud to them:



      Haha, Im so glad no one has approached me with such intentions. Though I will be transferring to a catholic school once my holidays are voer. ><

  12. Jo says:

    hahahaha…the cookies are all mines!!… (No evil intentions though, I’m willing to share lol..)

    Hahaha you’re atheist and you’re forced to go to a catholic school. But I’m sure its not too bad, subjects are the same except you may have to take up an extra religion class or something. idk…

    • SilentSerenata says:

      Yeah . Subjects are the same . Just that I has do a course of religious studies.

      I’ve never read a bible in my life; let alone see or touch one. So when I did, I was like W-O-W so this is a bible ! It’s…It’s…INCOMPREHENSIBLE URGGGGG .

      Atempt at reading a catholic bibleby Serenata: FAIL.

      Haha, sureeeee. You’re cookie sharing ratio is more like Jo: Other = 10:1

  13. Jo says:

    I have a bible at attempted reading it a few times..

    Hey I gotta go for a bit.. Talk later when I get home.

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