Beelzebub EP 2: I Became a Gang Leader with a Child (拾子連れ番長始めました)

supersayan ;D ~ kamehameHAA !

So Oga continues to  rid of beelzebub *AHEM* to raise him into a well-fit humanity crushing demon lord. So now he’s in even more trouble because if he is separated from Beelze for more than 15 metres, the strength of .. beel’s crying.. electric shock wave?.. can potentially be fatal (:

Furuichi and Tatsumi test Beelze to see which things he liked that most : PLUSHIE KOALA or TEST TUBED DEAD FROG
or SKINNED FACE (as in skin taken off)

Thus , if they hadn’t known already – Beelze is not a normal baby who likes normal baby things (except for baby rattlers) .

And to his surprise, Tatsumi arrives home seeing Hilda and Beelze formally asking for permission to stay with his family. Also confusing them to thinking that he .. DID IT with a blonde beauty with huge boobs and they had a child together = Beelzebub.

LOL! tatsumi got beat up by his dad.
So now … Hilda and Tatsumi live together and they all live happily ever after (: *BULLSHIT*

Hilda follows Tatsumi to school and brings along with her milk to feed Beelze .. but ofcourse a gang of guys try to take advantage of “Oga’s Bitch” .. and she end up destroying the classroom. And with this little dilemma ;  followed with the infamous perverted thoughts of Furuichi.


Idiotic Tatsumi later tries to find someone even more barbaric, ruthless and stronger than him – ending up with defeating almost all of the second year gang leaders and making Beelze even MORE ATTACHED.

They go to the principal – who’s the boss of the worst school in the whole of japan – thinking that he would be the MOST BARBARIC OF THEM ALL . ehe ~ ishiyama’s principle.

luffy hat :L

all grown men shall wear pink boxers. i prefer them with white polka dots or hearts ^^

NOTE: DEMON LORDS PLAY IN 1000 DAY MAHJONG CONTESTS . and speak like gay guys O: majideee ~~?

demon-styled mahjong - so asiaan ~


– azu nyan


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8 Responses to Beelzebub EP 2: I Became a Gang Leader with a Child (拾子連れ番長始めました)

  1. SilentSerenata says:

    The anime’s going really slowwwww

  2. sakuraxxyume says:

    Hmmmm…I bet the next ep, Tatsumi actually finds someone strong but doesn’t want to part with demon Pikachu (Beezlebub)
    Also…I REMEMBER THE VOICE OF THE DEMON KING!!! Is it Souji Okita from Hakuouki ? o_O

    • SilentSerenata says:

      O___O IS IT? Are they the same voice actor?

      and LOLL nonono it’s pretty obvious that Tatsumi’s gonna be stuck with beels for life and tht’s there’s no one worse than him XD

      • sakuraxxyume says:

        Weeeelllll….thats what I thought, not sure for real

        Yep, youre correct ;D

        Which makes me think…Doesn’t Tatsumi give a damn about humanity since he IS raising a demon thats gonna destroy it…o_O

        • SilentSerenata says:

          Hmmm….I reckon he doesn’t really give.

          And he’s not raising the kid; more like trying to get rid of it but failing to. And lol, dont forget the fact that his life is on the line :P poor guy

  3. baka-neko says:

    noo okitas voie is alot sexier ~
    the demon king is like
    MAJIDEE ~ ? ah soka!

    lol i watched the special and this girl was like trying to take down tatsumi and cuhs shes so strong and all
    he goes up to her and was like
    *girls thoughts: marry me? be my girlfriend? O_O

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