Rio: Rainbow Gate! Ep. 03 / Is It Halloween Already?

Perhaps it’s just me, but I swear that Misery reminds me of Inner Moka from Rosario + Vampire…when she’s perfectly sane that is.


Not much of an exciting plot this ep so I’m just going to keep it short with more blabberings ensured.

Rosa; *stomach growls*

No Gate Battle this time round so it’s a filler episode…or is it? Either ways, there isn’t much of a difference between if it is or if it’s not, and honestly I do not care.

So whilst Rio and her boss pay a visit to a haunted castle, episode 3 introduces yet again another pointless antagonist who, this time, goes by the name of Misery. She’s a ghost who absolutely loves eating chicken wings and later ends up possessing Rosa, a Hollywood actress as well as a regular customer of the Howard Resort.

A angry Misery, reminds me of one of those classic demons/witches from a supernatural anime.

Oh, and let’s not forget that she’s also hellbent on taking over the world, I mean, the Resort (cause she’s a ghost who haunts whoever dares to approach her beloved castle).

Insert XEBEC’s regular dose of big boobs and comical gags, before moving onto this ep’s gambling battle: “Odd or Even” – a simple game where you bet either ODD or EVEN on the sum of two dices thrown. Again, Rio is forced to comply because if not, her boss will be cut in half. Literally. This and the fact that she wants to save Rosa.

LOSER: Misery

(Like we haven’t seen that before)

HOORAY! All’s well, however, not without introducing the newly hired dealer Rina:

Again, the dramatic costume thanks to a mahou shoujo transformation by Rio

And here I thought it was another rival, but really it was just Rio’s…best friend? Sister? No idea – lets wait till episode 4.


Arrow drawn by me :) My, ain’t it beautiful? But I’m guessing your eyes are more focused on the red bunny to the right…

OK, so it’s pretty much obvious this anime is kinda fucked up. I mean, honestly? Chicken wings? CHICKEN WINGS? Yum :) But that’s not the point.

This episode was meant to be horror and comedy both mushed into one. True it was suspenseful at one or two times, but overall I think I failed to pick up on XEBEC’s attempt at scarying the audience since I practically lol’d at it. I LOL’D. I mean, I laughed just as hard as I had laughed at this:

I rewatched all the episodes of Death Note in about three days.

*warning spoilers*

Light Yagami…yeah, take that, douchebag. That’s what you get for killing L. (Well, technically it was Rem, but we all know who to blame…)


Aizen Sousuke = Light Yagami version 2.0

Just sayin’. I mean, come on. They fixed the bugs, added awesomeness, subtracted douchebaggery and increased operating capacity. (Light can kill people by writing their names in a notebook. I’m fairly sure Complete Mindfuck – I mean Hypnosis – trumps this.) And it has brand new sexy packaging. Because my Aizen-sama is a very sexy package. And he’s automatically better than Light, because Aizen didn’t kill L.

Light, you are such a fucking bastard. I hate you so much. You totally deserved what came to you in the end. In fact, I lol’d. That was supposed to be a tragic scene, and I bet your fangirls cried…

…but I lol’d.

That’s all.

(Author’s Note taken from Fanfic author Kelsey L Leigh. As you can see, she’s the ultimate Aizen fan of all LOL)

Yeah, I’m random :P 


I keep questioning myself: just how long do I intend on watching this show? It’s idiotic to the core, but even so, I’ll most likely be watching and blogging this til the very end – or in the least, until our Ecchi Specialist aka kimmi-chan returns from his holiday ^^

– Serenata


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4 Responses to Rio: Rainbow Gate! Ep. 03 / Is It Halloween Already?

  1. baka-neko says:

    hes back and he will gladly take it. ill force him to >:D

    • SilentSerenata says:

      I dont mind if I continue blogging this . It’s quite funny ;P and the ecchiness is alright. He can take the more hardcore ones LOLLL

  2. Muffinivorous says:

    Using my deviantART name, because I can.

    Aww…I actually feel…semi-famous now XD And you linked me! I am extremely grateful.

    I lol’d at your description of this anime. I might have to watch it next time I’m in need of cheering up…

    • SilentSerenata says:

      So you did end up visiting the site ^^ Hooray for us ~ And ofcourse, I’ll link you ;)
      And lol, thanks for compliment :)
      Hope to see you around again ~ Till then.

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