Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Ep. 2 / So You Do Have Eyebrows!

I just can’t seem to get enough of Tomofumi‘s voice – it’s got me hypnotised every time I press play. And LE GASP, I shall forever remember this image of Yano and Kento together :O May it be burned into my memory.


Reminds you of season one, doesn’t it?

It’s April; in other words, Spring: the beginning of a new school year. Our protagonist is at last a sophomore but despite this, some things remain yet the same e.g. Sawako’s not-so-successful attempts at befriending new people and her tendency to cause misunderstandings. Fortunately for our heroine (and us), she gets to spend her final years of high school with her group of friends all in the same class (third years follow on from second years). Excluding Kurumi. Oh god, the terror D:

But such a lucky coincidence leads even the idiotic Chizuru to question how the class arrangements were made, and Yano snickers in evil delight. Knowing her, Yano had undoubtedly planted some sort of blackmail/bribery on Pin. Turns out that the other bag of chocolates from ep 01 was in fact Yano’s :O Ofcourse, Pin denies this (though he took the chocolates anyways) and instead, decides to spend some of the screening time rambling on how great he is and kind he is and how…how…how he will be the next future president ROFL XD

Yano stressing over Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship; thanks hun but I think you should worry more about your own *nudgenudgehinthint*

Anyways. Following the Graduation Ceremony is Sawako meeting this season’s new character: Kento Miura. His attitude is hilarious, and his looks match Yano perfectly *COUGHCOUGHCOUGH* I mean, he looks pretty :) Kento then gets appointed as Class Rep, and Sawako as Class Life Rep (or something like that). Sawako smiles for the first time in front of Kento whose reaction reminds me of something Kazehaya would say.


And that’s pretty much the comedy this ep as eventually our story returns its focus to our main couple (or soon to be couple at that). Sawako is having troubles conversing with Kazehaya properly as she’s finally realised the extent of her feelings and feels embarrassed about the whole hidden-intentions-behind-valentine’s-chocolates thing. Yano, realising something’s wrong with the two, offers help to Kazehaya only to get rejected by the guy. Seems like Kazehaya’s the type who dislikes others interfering into his private affairs aka love life.

Episode 2 ends with Kazehaya giving a confession-like-talk to Sawako, who in returns becomes so happy that she forgets how to respond. Kazehaya misunderstands the situation, believes that he had made feel her awkward and thus apologises. Sawako is left standing on her own in self-disappointment and depression, unknown to the fact that Kento had just witnessed the end of their little scene. From there on, it’s not all that hard for the blonde to assume the two’s relationship and the fact that Sawako has feelings for Kazehaya.


My sister thinks Kimi Ni Todoke is ugly *snorts*. I reckon she’s just jealous cause her own love life is pretty much a bore ;P Hurry up and get married Sis; I wanna go to a wedding :D

Not much of a blabbering this ep since it’s pretty much add into the summary. But LOL, I definitely want to see some more Yano vs. Kurumi :) Perhaps Kento might lead to this? OHOHOHO ~


The excitement of Kento at last being introduced has left me dumbfounded and thus I’ve no idea what next week’s ep will be about o-o But oh my, that smirk means no good *eyes the picture suspiciously*.

– Serenata


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6 Responses to Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Ep. 2 / So You Do Have Eyebrows!

  1. SilentSerenata says:

    Yano-chin ish so cute >:3

  2. Jo says:

    Of course Kento is pretty…. The guys is GINGA BISHOUNEN


    PS. I won’t be able to pop in here normally for cookies for the next couple of days. My sister is sharing my room for the time being and she doesn’t approve of my anime etc etc…

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