Gosick Ep. 03 / BANG!

Sleeping Beauty

No, she’s not actually asleep. It’s only our idiotic protagonist who thinks that.


Despite Kujo self-sacrificing himself as a shield for Victorique, it’s pretty much obvious that our main protagonist wouldn’t die this early in the story. Instead, another worthless, eliminate character takes his place (a job done well thanks to Julie) and thus, we are left with 4 ‘hares’ remaining.

Following the death of Maurice is Ned, a young blonde man. However, Victorique notices at once something’s off and they all make a run for it i.e. Kujo, Victorique and Julie. The three decide to hide in the nearest room but in walks the so-called-dead Ned. The whole truth then comes spilling out afterwards – that Ned was in fact faking his death and that he is the ‘hunting dog’*. We also learn to never underestimate a supposedly sane woman by the name of Julie.

*Again, this is in reference to the 11 hares who were set lose in order to be hunted by a dog (as shown in episode one).

Though it’s hard to see, that’s Kujo going in for a punch. And yes, he’s smart enough to weaker knucklers.

And HOORAY! Some action at last. Kujo, being the generic hero he is, risks his life to protect Victorique (again) and we witness some of Kujo’s attempts at fighting a man armed with an axe aka Ned. Whilst it’s not the best action, in the least it’s better than nothing. Thankgod our protagonist isn’t as worthless as he seems :) Ofcourse Ned dies cause Julie kills him.

In the end, it’s revealed that Julie was in fact the true mastermind behind the whole Queen Berry scheme. Victorique explains her logic, and states how Julie had lead everyone to their deaths in spite of her revenge.

Left to right: Kujo, Julie, and Victorique


Victorique holding Kujo's hand

So this ep concludes our Queen Berry arc and whilst the truth wasn’t as complicated as I had hoped it to be, it was decent nevertheless. And since it mainly focused on plot, I couldn’t really pick up on characterisation much, though we did get to see a bit of bonding between Kujo and Victorique. I’m still waiting for Gosick will blow me away though, but so far, it’s not. My enjoyment level is somewhat between decent and failing. You could almost say I’m getting bored.


New character next week :) Yay! (And LOL the subs are Victorique speaking) But I honestly do not get these episode titles at all. Are they meant to be proverbs?

– Serenata 


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38 Responses to Gosick Ep. 03 / BANG!

  1. Kimmichan says:

    Currently my favourite anime!

  2. Kimmichan says:

    Kuro is overrated..
    But still good to watch though.

    • SilentSerenata says:

      KURO FAN D: -cut-
      Oh wells :) Oh, and your post is up. You sure it’s the older brother who’s having lewd thoughts of the sister o-o?
      Just read through it to make sure.

  3. lerorin says:

    It’s out? Right.. going to download~ nice article btw~ xD

    • SilentSerenata says:

      Lerorin ~ Long time no talk…? XD
      Good to see you’re still alive, and yeah, thanks ^^
      Now go watch it to your hearts content.

  4. sakuraxxyume says:


    Not really my fav anime but still interesting to follow (my friend really likes Victorique, she thinks she’s mysterious…)


  5. angel22heart says:

    arent like the pet turtles REALLY small?????????????? to eat????????
    ull like finish the thing with 1 bite LOL

  6. baka-neko says:


  7. Kimmichan says:


  8. sakuraxxyume says:

    Who’s Tonchan? o_O

  9. baka-neko says:

    as in the anime
    and the K-on light music club.
    we have a pet turtle named TON CHAN ! :D

  10. baka-neko says:

    azunyan: *stares at tonchan*

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