Starry Sky Ep 3 (Aquarius I)/ No Real Romance…

What I say is true. The whole episode was basically flashbacks about a boy named Amaha Tsubasa (another love interest)…

Here's an artwork of Tsubasa


Like I said, the whole episode was about Tsubasa’s flashbacks of his childhood, how he met his childhood friend, a dude voiced sexily by Jun Fukuyama =_= Kinose Azusa, and what happened when he first entered Tsukiko’s (main protagonist) school. Anyhow, the ep starts off where Tsubasa is inventing something (apparently, he’s a great inventor) and makes friends with Azusa.

Skip a few years later and he joins Tsukiko’s school (the anime never mentions its name) and realizes that Azusa is in the school as well. As soon as the opening ceremony hits, Tsubasa gets appointed Student Council Treasurer. When he doesn’t report to duty he gets raped dragged to the room by the great Ore-sama president, Shirainui Kazuki, and is welcomed into Student Council.

From Left to Right: Aozora Hayato (V. President), Kazuki (the great Oresama prez), Tsukiko

Tsubasa feels so happy that he’s accepted into something and he agrees to be Student Council Treasurer (damn, that was easy). However one day, one of his inventions go haywire and is then banned from inventing in the council office. The episode ends with Tsubasa being sad…that his inventions are banned.

This was actually when Tsubasa went "Wtf? You talkin' to me?" when Kazuki called him


This episode had no real romance BUT to make it up, it did give me a few laughs :D The part where Tsubasa’s invention went haywire was EPIC!!!! It was so epic that I’m gonna tell you what the ppl said xD:

Tsukiko: This means it’s broken right?
Hayato: There’s no mistake about it. It’s out of control. (those two were just standing there doing nothing and watching the machine)
Kazuki: The name’s not the issue here!

I basically went LOL after that…However, I still hope that the next ep will actually have romance in it…

It’s time for…TSUBASA PIC SPAM!!! 8D

This was a sneak peek from Ep 1; Right is Azusa

The game for Tsubasa is called "Starry Sky in Winter" and the other love interests are the other student council members

AWWW Thats so cute, they got married!!! JK it's from the game

Next Episode…

The continuation of the story of Tsubasa Amaha (Aquarius II)…Yet again, I couldn’t find a pic of the next ep preview so I give you:


Until next time!


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5 Responses to Starry Sky Ep 3 (Aquarius I)/ No Real Romance…

  1. SilentSerenata says:

    I’ve no idea what kind of pictures you put at the end of your name, but they weren’t showing up so I got rid of them. Sorry.

  2. sakuraxxyume says:

    You know…that ending credit pic of Tsubasa actually makes him look cute -_-*

  3. SilentSerenata says:

    LOL, isn’t Tsubasa younger than our heroine XD?

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