FAN ART #2: An AMV About TV

Youtube is a daily must. So whilst I was flicking through my loveable favourites, I somehow came across this AMV. It’s got excellent graphics (though not on WP; I’d recommend watching it on Youtube directly) and humour to boost. The lip-syncing may have not been a complete a complete success but you can hardly see the mistakes, so it’s all good :)

The video is just as its name says – An AMV about TV, starring Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Watch it and you’ll see by what I mean AWESOMELY FUNNY + ENTERTAINING. The beginning can be a tad bit boring and misleading though; just wait til it gets to the 20sec mark. The fun and comedy basically starts from there.

*Perhaps its just me, but the link doesn’t seem to work on WordPress. It does, however, on Youtube directly. Just simply click the WATCH ON YOUTUBE button in the bottom right-hand corner to do this.

Credit goes to VivifxAMV and Re-Evolution Studios. Congrats on getting 2nd place in the Otakon 2010 – Comedy comp.

Video Description:
(by VivifxAMV) 

WELL FINALLY! See I told you there would be full AMVs, but you probably didn’t believe me. WELL HAH! You are wrong and I am right!

Well that aside — This is my Otakon Submission, but don’t hold your breath, my flagrant use of copyrighted logos, even though I tweaked them a bit will probably get me disqualified. But that doesn’t really matter cause this AMV is the SHIZ.

So I got this idea a week or so ago, I was desperately looking for a great idea for an Otakon Video — And as I keapt telling Reu — I needed inspiration to hit me over the head. AND IT DID in the form of this Scouting for Girls Song. I had just downloaded the album — there is a whole convoluted reasoning chain that leads back to Reu, so Reu is the source of this inspiration (although I’m beginning to suspect that Reu is at the source of everything).

But enough of being creepy. I thought to myself, now who would be fit to tell this story? Well it’s a little well known fact that I am totally obsessed with Kyon — Seriously love him to death — I know so haruhi-esk right? Anyway If any character would hate being famous the most, I think it would be Kyon, but with Haruhi out of the way…Who knows what Kyon would do? So that’s how this idea was born.

I have been dying to make a Creative AMV. One of my Fav AMVs is Takeout by Driftroot. That amv is so creative and tells an epic story. If you haven’t seen it CHECK. IT. OUT. I also love all of its little hidden messages. So that is what I strove for in this AMV.

So after I decided that this AMV basically edited itself. There were some hurried moments of searching for TV clips, and of course the search for the Perfect James Dean. But I think it came out alright. There are mistakes. There are logos. But I think it looks fine and I’m done with it.

There are also so many little hidden things in the AMV — Messages, Inside Jokes, Subplots, Confessions from the Heart. You know all that. Good Luck finding them

I could not have made this AMV without these people.

Reu — Reu seriously you were like the backbone of this project, when I had no idea where to go or what to do, you always had a helpful hint or just words of praise. Which was lovely. You are always so quick to beta test anything I throw out — And I know it breaks your heart when I throw out AMV ideas and betas that you secretly enjoyed. But you still stand by me with your helpful hints of AWESOMENESS. You are amazing Reu!

Josh — You know I showed you this AMV expecting (hoping even) for the immediate Josh smackdown. But NO. you actually liked the idea and came up with a large amount of the ideas which are towards the end of the AMV — so that was nice. Even though the Kyon part burned your soul. And of course, I got nice things to correct from you.

Alexy and Erica — Dude. I needed Lucky star. And you brought it. You are like Anime OP dealers. Thank you.

Everyone who beta’d for me — (Your names are at the end) I couldn’t have made this without you. You guys always help so much in AMV Making.

Alright well all the song info and such is in the Credits — I’ll get a DL link up soon enough-You should watch the Credits though.. The Credits song is called Bubbles BTW. Its By Biffy Clyro.

Love you all to death and if this somehow magically makes it to Otakon wish it LUCK!
-Vivi OUT

PS: Who could that be at the end of the AMV?

FAQ: What is an AMV?

Anime Music Video, or AMV for short. It’s name says it all; a fan-made music video based off on Japanese anime.

Why should I watch AMV?

This is pretty much the same question as to why one should watch anime. Personally, I like watching AMVs cause they almost always introduce me to some great anime series, as well as new music for me to listen on my mp3. Moreover, it’s fun to see people test out their skills and share to it world on youtube.

Hoped you liked this RANDOM POST OF THE DAY :D

– Serenata


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37 Responses to FAN ART #2: An AMV About TV

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  2. Jo says:

    A couple of my favourite AMVs are these ones..
    The Bakemonogatari one is awesome because of the graphics and the music…
    The K-On one, well the awesome is self explanatory…

    • SilentSerenata says:

      Nice! Loved both of them :)

      I’ve always loved the art used in bakamonogatari, though I’d have admit the plot was very confusing at one stage. Then again, I only watched about half of the series before dropping it. It’s unique art was nevertheless mind blowing – and not to mention the multiple OPs it had! Oh god.

      And lol, as for the second vid, for a spilt second there I thought it was an OP before realizing it was fan made. Could one for one though lol.

      • Jo says:

        Cool, so you can see it? For some reason azunyan can’t?
        Well if thats the case, can you delete the comment I’ve got in moderation?

        • SilentSerenata says:

          Np ;) We can always get them again from the site directly ~
          Sup? Didn’t get to see you at all yesterday.

          And urgggggg fml. Got huge swollen lips thnx to allergies D: nooooo they’re so fugly

          • Jo says:

            ended up getting home a bit late…so decided to go to bed early for a change…
            I don’t know where you live, but if you live in the North, there is an awesome awesome ramen place in Crows Nest…you should go…

            I’m allergic to sunscreen on my face…the body is ok though..if it goes on my face, my lips swells up as well for about a week.. bloody annoying since its so damn sunny…

            • SilentSerenata says:

              Really? Wells I actually live near the CBD, but ifi ever decide to go to north syd then I’ll check it out.
              As for thesawllon lips, omfg u srs?!!!! A wk? WTF and ive got work on wed D:
              does ice help? Mines more of an insect bite though. I know WTF

              • Jo says:

                Here is a C&P of the address…
                125 Falcon St
                Crows Nest 2065 NSW
                I don’t think its near a train station, but I think there are buses…
                Oh, and it is a tiny place, they only open for a few hours a day.. So even if you are waiting in line, and don’t make it in, tough luck come back next time… BUT it is really good..yum

                With the lips, if its an insect bite, it should be ok in a day or so I think…With me, its just a really really bad reaction…(ok, maybe swollen for 4-5 days I don’t know..)

      • Jo says:

        Yeah, Bakemonogatari was my first Shaft series…seeing the animation was like…I’ve never seen anything like it before..very cool..
        The plot was ok…it was more or less a ‘monster of the week’ kinda show, except it was 3 weeks..

        K-On and Working, two of the best shows last year…
        did you think, wtf an OP??!! Lol…


        • SilentSerenata says:

          Lol yup SHAFT n their unique art never fails to surprise ppl :)
          and lol, yup. Thought it an OP for sure

          • Jo says:

            Although this seasons Madoka is really on the dark side…animation is great (ie the school, house, and backgrounds in the normal world..) but the moment they start fighting the witches… it gets too weird..
            and I still don’t like the character designs…

            did you watch Working?

            • SilentSerenata says:

              You reckon?

              haha, unfortunately no. I prob will later on in my life, when I feel up for another slice of lice + comedy anime.
              hear’s its pretty good

  3. Jo says:

    Yeah… the Bakemonogatari one from youtube directly as well…
    the awesome is lost due to wordpress…

  4. baka-neko says:


  5. Jo says:

    Its not there?
    I can see it….

  6. Jo says:

    Yeah, I might as well ask here…but do you guys actually go to the anime cons and dress up?

    • SilentSerenata says:

      YUP . Wells, we’re planning to this year. K-ON STYLE!

      • Jo says:

        Sorry for not popping in…was marathoning Cowboy Bebop…awesome series…

        So do you go every year dressed up as characters?
        How’s your lip today?


        • SilentSerenata says:

          Haha, oh yes. I remember watching Cowboy Bebop…though I’ll prob have to watch it again sometime soon, my memory’s starting to forget. As for cosplaying, wells, some of my friends do it as a annual ritual and sometimes try to drag me along as well (but to no avail). But the one thing I have learnt from cosplaying is that if anyone ever says to you if ur CPing, “who are you?” then that means ur cosplay has failed unfortunatly lol.

          And yes!!! My lip has returned to it’s beautiful shape once again. Well, nearly. Just another few hours or so and it’ll be all gone ~

  7. Jo says:

    Ha, won’t it be heavy lugging a bass around? and if you don’t get the bass, I bet there might be a few ‘Soooo….who are you cosplaying as lol..’
    So yeah, bring the food as back up…


  8. baka-neko says:

    well. im buying neko ears online so… can i wear them? :D

  9. Jo says:

    But its K-On…what do you have to make from scratch?…
    all I gotta say is that you’re very dedicated if you are making the costume..
    remember to take lots of photos and bring funa or cookies as an inside joke…lol..

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