Beelzebub: Jump Super Anime Tour Special 2011 (Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou!?)

The Beelzebub Jump Super Anime Tour Special 2011.

I’ll try my best to summarise something that has already been summarised in a summary episode of Beelzebub. (Sorry for the confusion. It was the only way I could describe it.)
This special is a brief summary of the first 5 eps. And since ep 1 and 2 are already out – this is pretty much a spoiler for episodes 3-5.
Yes, I am disappointed that it’s actually a part of the storyline – and honestly, I would much prefer it to be a side-story instead.

Just a pre-caution (:

Episodes 1-5 squeezed into a 1 hour Beelzebub OVA special.

The Introduction: It starts off with the oh-so-amazing Flashback Narration of Oga Tatsumi’s Behind The Scenes of The Founding of Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV.

He finds a baby and un-intentionally, the Soon-To-Be-Demon-King Baby becomes attached to our great strong, ruthless and barbaric kind-hearted young protagonist.

Pokemon` ! Pikachuu ~ i choose youu >:3

Explantion to the Accomplice:
That is why a naked baby just happens to be clinging onto my back.

Oga Tatsumi is challenged to a fight with Kanzaki (a leader of the Tohoshinki Gang) and all is good, and perfect timing too, because he wants to find someone stronger, even more so ruthless and barbaric than himself.
He flicked that guy out of the window.
Potential Parent of Beelzebub: ELIMINATED

Reflecting on his very idiot actions, Tatsumi Oga and his trusted cowardly accomplice Furuichi, are yet again met with the great feeling of DOOM whilst the baby clings onto his back. Whilst a baby and his “mother” walk along the pathway behind them, recklessly our infuriated protagonist – wanting to relieve his anger – chops down a tree which almost lands on the so called “mother” and child.

Co-incidentally, that woman (the ‘mother’) just happens to be another delinquent from Ishiyama High named Aoi. Also a gang leader who protects the girls that attend the school.

Due to Tatsumi’s status as “Gang Leader”; being rescued by him and also to protect herself from being revealed as a kind-hearted girl taking her baby brother out to park and being, in general – MOTHERLY, she attempts to kill Oga.
And in come her kick-ass traditional samurai / warrior moves (:

Ofcourse our protagonist still remains alive and Baby Beelze is very excited over her extreme strength and … CriedAlotAfterSheRanAway from a few mis-interpreted words from the Baka Tatsumi.

exactly what happens


PART 3: Another Fight with the Tohoshinki Gang Leaders.

More Gang Leaders request to fight with Oga Tatsumi, thinking that they will be the ULTIMATE LEADER of Ishiyama High the school for Delinquents.
As usual, they were defeated.

Later on, the sexy demon maid with the huge knockers (aka. Oga’s Bitch as known in the anime) and the trusted accomplice, the coward Furuichi – were captured by yet another member of the Tohoshinki Gang. They also planned on capturing Beelzebub, AND THEY DID – almost exceeding the 15m distance.
Forgetting that he was supposed to be purposefully beaten up by those guys, Oga uses his -ohsofamous- Oga PUNCH!

Tohoshinki Members Eliminated: 4

And so, in the finale of the Beelzebub Jump Super Anime Special, <sarcasm> a MASSIVE bombshell that you would never have guessed occurs  *gasp* ANOTHER DELINQUENT FROM TOHOSHINKI REQUEST A BATTLE WITH OGA TATSUMI! </sarcasm>
– – – to be continued in the official anime series.

Extra Blabberings: I am very disappointed.
And I am very disappointed because of how CLICHE this was and how stupid the anime series appeared to be in future. Tatsumi defeats this guy – regrets defeating him – the baby electric-shocks him – he swears he will make someone else take beelzebub – and repeat (:
It’s still funny – don’t get me wrong. It’s just the fact that I don’t like the same pattern re-occurring throughout the entire special.


(yes. I mocked the anime AND html codex at the same time >:3)


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