Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 2 (Ride to Victory!)/ The End Of A (Epic?) Duel

This ep basically resolved the duel between Kai and Aichi, and how the two of them met…

Some of Kai's monsters


Apparently, it was Kai who gave Aichi the “Blaster Blade” card which then gave Aichi more confidence in life since he was bullied all the time. OTHER THAN THAT, the duel ends with Aichi winning and getting his card back.

Aichi using Blaster Blade

BUT before the duels, Kai says that he only gave “confidence” to Aichi so that he could get more rare cards. His friend (Kai’s) notices though, that it isn’t his style but decides not to talk about it.


After the duel ends, Aichi is bawling wondering if what Kai said was true. A few days later, Aichi goes back to the shop to play Vanguard again and gets challenged by Kai’s friend and everybody’s gay happy again.


I would only recommend this episode to those who would want to see the ending of the first (but who doesn’t though ;D?) There was a nice turning point in the end…Yeah, nothing much to say. I think that Kai is gonna become his rival soon though.

Nice view of the duel from the side!

Next episode…

The next episode is called “Welcome to Card Capital” and judging from the preview, it shows a duel between Morikawa and Aichi. OMGWTF?

I couldn’t find a preview pic AGAIN so I present to you:

Yes, it's a's always seen yawning next to that girl on the counter

Until next time!


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3 Responses to Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 2 (Ride to Victory!)/ The End Of A (Epic?) Duel

  1. Still seems like a Yu-Gi-Oh! rip-off…

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