Starry Sky Ep 4 (Aquarius II)/ Something In The End

I think I’m gonna bawl at this…NOT! Not much of a meaning in this episode…At the same time, all the episodes don’t have a meaning. Unless they introduce to us some more interesting love interests ;D


Basically, this episode starts out with Tsubasa  shitting his pants sad that his inventions are banned from the Student Council office. While he’s being an emo-fag, his Student Council coworkers (including Tsukiko) say that the teachers need to use the Student Council office and thus the room will be inaccessible for a week. (Seriously, the reasons were as crappy as heck) HOWEVER Tsubasa has no problem believing them and goes along with it.

They're thinking about something o_O

One day, Tsubasa discovers that they were lying and bawls…again. Shiranui surprise-rapes drags Tsubasa and Tsubasa finds out that they were actually making a special room where he could peacefully make inventions without dangering anyone else.

Moments before the blackboard scratching ;D

In the end, Tsubasa is all happy and sexually harassing, hitting on, molesting, 1/2 raping, touching giving Tsukiko little hints aka flirting until Hayato decides to scratch a blackboard and everybody lives happily ever after is happy once more.


I thought the ending was cute and hilarious. The black-board scratching made my day…=_= Anyhow, the anime is quite decent so far (at least to me) though Tsukiko doesn’t seem to show any signs of a specific interest (in the guys, that is). So as far as I’m concerned, I’m still waiting to see that hot and sexy Student Teacher love interest ;D


Tsubasa's face is EPIC!! @-@

ANOTHER EPIC FACE!!!! xD The dude to the far left is a photographer and is voiced by Junichi Sawabe (o////o)

THAT IS SUCH A CUTE PIC!!!! It's hard to remember that Tsubasa is younger than Tsukiko ;D

Feburary 3rd...ISNT THAT COMING UP??? More importantly, it's Chinese New Year that day!!

A supposed sad scene o_o

Next Episode Preview:

Hmmmm...His looks aren't really my type...but another love interest: Kanata Nanami

The next episode is called “Pisces I” and features love interest “Kanata Nanami”. He was seen as one of Tsukiko’s friends in the episode “Capricorn II”.

Until next time!


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