Bukiyou Na Silent Chapter 1 / Confessions, Confessions

The one thing which I absolutely love about Bukiyou Na Silent is its main protagonist Toono Satoru. His persona is what makes this series really worth reading and were I to compare it to any other fictional character that I know of, then it would have to be Sawako from Kimi Ni Todoke. Yes, the Sawako from the SHOUJO anime and manga, Kimi Ni Todoke.

Perhaps if you go read the two series, you’ll see for yourself why – the similarities between their personas are quite notable, for example, how Satoru and Sawako both struggle to face their dilemmas as they attempt to communicate their thoughts and feelings to others. But don’t get me wrong. Whilst the two are alike to a certain extent, neither Satoru nor Sawako fail to possess their own individuality. Excluding the difference in their genders, Satoru is less openly expressive than Sawako, who on the other hand, is more innocent and ‘scary’.

In other words, we are left with an almost stoic, emotionless and poker-faced protagonist is Bukiyou Na Silent. Almost, being the keyword.

Though I could ramble on for a whole post a comparative study between the two characters, I digress. A summary is still waiting to be read.

Love the inner Satoru(s) or whatever they’re called ♥


BEWARNED: The series Bukiyou Na Silent has been classified as ‘mature’ as it contains sexual content. Though it’s unfortunate, this post however, will exclude such images for the reader’s convenience.

Seemingly emotionless on the outside, Toono Satoru is anything but stoic in truth. Though shy and quiet, this is however due to the fact that Satoru has troubles expressing his feelings – both physically and verbally – and thus, often tends to cause misunderstandings.

Bukiyou Na Silent begins with our protagonist miraculously receiving a love confession from his longest crush, Tamiya Keigo. Flabbergasted, Satoru struggles to find the right words to say while Tamiya misinterprets this as a rejection. But just before he is about to leave, Satoru (cutely) tugs at his shirt and agrees to go out with him.

Timeskip. After school, the two visit a nearby café on their way home. Satoru spots a baseball key ring at a random store and ponders whether he should buy it as a gift for Tamiya (as Tamiya plays baseball). The said man, however, notices this (i.e. Satoru’s interest in the key ring) and ends up buying it for Satoru in celebration of their newly formed relationship.

The following day, the two share their first kiss (Serenata: *NOSEBLEEDS*) and Satoru, despite being surprised and embarrassed, is overjoyed – so overjoyed that he gets distracted and loses his most treasured key ring (the one which Tamiya had bought for him the previous day). Unable to tell the truth to his lover, Satoru proclaims that he’s placed it elsewhere, which then leads to Tamiya misunderstanding the whole situation.

Skip to a few days later and Tamiya questions why Satoru’s been avoiding him, who in truth, has just been searching for the lost key ring. To make matters worst, Satoru is unable to properly communicate his thoughts on the subject, and we see an annoyed Tamiya storm off angrily.

That night, Satoru continues with his search but is depressed at what had happened between Tamiya and him. Insert a cute, crying Satoru (Serenata: KYAA~) as he reflects on his mistakes and how he should have just told the truth from the very beginning.

Admitting defeat and about to retire for the night, in comes Tamiya intending to apologize for his previous bad behaviour. Somewhat relieved by this, Satoru glomps the unexpected Tamiya and explains the truth thereafter. Back at Satoru’s house, our protagonist at last rounds up enough courage to make his own confessions – that he had always liked Tamiya and how he had always been watching him. The such.

And so chapter one comes to an end, but ofcourse, not without a page or two of intimacy involved ;) No worries, it’s censored lol.


Whilst the sex may have seemed a bit rushed, let’s not forget that this was intended to be a ONE-SHOT. I’m glad this became a series – Satoru’s character was far too adorable to be left with only one chapter *insert fan girl screamings*. Though short-lived (Bukiyou Na Silent was complete at 3 volumes), it was nevertheless, enjoyable to the very end :) Sniff sniff. I shall never forget you dear BNS *moved tears*.

Look at that, and tell me how it does not remind you of a kitty ~

…So I lied. The ending wasn’t really all that enjoyable but I’ll discuss more about that another time (or really, when I actually get around to reviewing the last chapter).

Oh, and speaking of last chapters, I had only just discovered that BNS was in fact complete yesterday D:

At that time:

Baka-Updates Manga: Bukiyou Na Silent; Completely Scanlated? Yes.
Serenata: No, wait – what?! Why?!?!
Baka-Updates Manga: Completely Scanlated? Yes.
Serenata: NOOOOOOO!! I refuse to believe this! D:
Serenata: STFU! *angry face x100*
Serenata’s Older Sister: *WTF face* Stop raging at non-existent objects…==”*sweatdrops*
Serenata: — Beeepppp —

And oh my, what a long post. I should probably mention this beforehand just in case I myself cause any misunderstandings. For those who’ve never read any of my other posts, it is highly doubtful that I will continue to be descriptive as this in my future ones. My writing varies depending on my mood and as you can see, I did try to be serious at the beginning of this post but that…kind of failed towards the end. Ehe ;P

But thanks for reading! I’ve also put up a poll for fun so yeah, give it a go if you can :)

– Serenata


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27 Responses to Bukiyou Na Silent Chapter 1 / Confessions, Confessions

  1. Yi says:

    I thought of Sawako as well as I was reading this. The misunderstandings and the miscommunications.

    Anyway, the pace moved much quicker than I expected.

    • SilentSerenata says:

      Ditto. But then agains, Bukiyou Na Silent WAS meant to be a ONE-SHOT at first, but later moved onto a series. So yeah, that explains the sudden rush towards the end.

      Nevertheless, I still liked it since I practically adored Satoru’s character and thought that it was such a waste for just one chap. You reckon you might continue reading the rest of BNS?

  2. Jo says:

    I might give this a shot….maybe…maybe…


  3. Jo says:

    Yeah..zero experience with yaoi manga..thats why the maybes…
    but since you gave such a glowing report, I figured why not…

    are there good side characters? such as the Ayane and Chizuru in Kimi ni Todoke? or does it only focus on the two guys?


    • Naw. Thanks for the compliment :)

      As for the side characters, that’s kind of hard to say. Cause you see, BNS is only 3 volumes where as Kimi Ni Todoke is far longer. So yeah, there’s isn’t as much exploration in characters such there would have been if it were a longer series.

      Towards the last volume though, the series does shift its attention to another pairing (yeah, kinda reminds me of J. Romantica) whom I suppose are side characters…?

      Oh, but the next chapter introduces a female minor character so ya, there’s also that :) Hopefully I’ll get to post about that soon lol.

      • Jo says:

        Another reason why I’m considering it is because you said that its finished and the scanlating is completely done as well…
        Too bad about the not-so-great ending…


        • You prefer incomplete series :D?
          And as for the ending…yeah. Wells, it was a so-so for Staoru and Tamiya but remember how I said that towards the last volume, they shifted their attention to another couple? Yeah. They practically ended it there ><

          • Jo says:

            No no…I’d prefer for something like this, that it be completely finished. Easy read (for a introductory yaoi manga), get it over and done with to see if I like it or not…

            Oh..I see. Well as long as the main couple gets together, then its ok for me…


  4. Jo says:

    Ha…I guess I can get away with just reading the first chapter then…
    maybe you should start reading shounen stuff, don’t they usually go on forever? Lol…

  5. Jo says:

    The only shounen I’ve read was Nurarihyon no Mago. But then I kinda stopped. It was good, but all that waiting for the next chapter to come out was …….. annoying..because each time a new chapter came out, nothing happened, they just talk (although maybe they’ve finally gotten to the big fight by now)..


    • I used to watch the anime and read a bit of its manga. Didn’t particularly like it cause I found it kinda childish. Though I gotta admit, Night Rikuo was quite good looking XD

      As for shounen, atm I’m keeping track of D.Gray Man and Claymore. That’s pretty much it. I’m not a big fan of Naruto or Bleach, though I do read it every few weeks to see what’s happening.

  6. Jo says:

    No more shounen for me… Watching maybe yes, but to keep with manga..No..


    well I’m off for a bit, talk to you later..

  7. baka-neko says:

    i just realised. you can comment without us having to approve of the comments ~ :D

    • Jo says:

      Yeha…the settings got changed, which is good..lol..imagine all the approvals you have to make if you didn’t change the settings..


      • baka-neko says:

        D: it would be a paain. T_T
        and and the match was really closeits just that federer kinda lost the few POINTS that let djokovic have both sets. the last one is pretty much pointless so he kinda gave up

        • Jo says:

          I thought Federer said at the conference that he was ready for 5 sets… Poor guy, really wanted him to win another slam eps. since Nadal went out.

          GOOOO Clijsters!!

          • baka-neko says:

            go chinaah ~!
            o_o well federer can last for long matches without being tired. but i guess he kinda lost it towards the end and esp where the guys were like NOLE NOLE (wtf kind of name is that) and yeah D:


    • Yeha, i changed it so that we only needed to approve of her once .


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