Kore wa Zombie desu ka? EP 2: No, I’m a Vampire Ninja

Vampire Ninja…? Honestly, that’s the most outrageous thing I’ve ever heard. This anime is officially unpredictable.

Seraphim: “I like the Tsubamegaeshi Secret Sword Technique. I am skilled at using the Tsubamegaeshi Secret Sword Technique. My hobby… is the Tsubamegaeshi Secret Sword Technique.”

– Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka EP 2

PROOF. I will slap you with it x 192347485 . Though...you'll prolly enjoy it ... =3=

*Note: The Vampire Ninja chick aka Seraphim is serious about everything that she talks about. It may not seem funny now, but I guess it’s one of those must-see-to-get-it kind of things.  ( ._.)


This episode starts off with a rollback to when our protagonist Ayumu first met Yuu at the convenience store and how he was murdered soon after. A sword stabs straight through his body, followed by the the words: “Don’t Die . . .” ; and his Resurrection.

Continuing on with the main story. Ayumu’s MASOU SHOUJO TRANSFORMATION!  And…O.O panty shots…of him…


During dinner, out of no where appears the random Vampire Ninja, Seraphim. Ayumu asks for an introduction – what she likes, her skills and hobbies -and we get what’s stated above (the quote). Apparently, Seraphim has been sent on a mission by her vampire ninja clan, to request the help of Eucliwood Hellscythe (AKA Yuu) in an ongoing war. Refusing to go away, she declares a battle with Ayumu in order to be Yuu’s “only servant”.


In order to maintain her Vampire Ninja pride, Seraphim must complete her mission at any cost. And hence, she becomes “this disgusting man’s servant” aka Ayumu’s. Insert Ayumu’s fantasies ~ (more at the bottom of this post)

“Call me…Onii-chan ~ ♥”

“Then…How about Goushujin-sama?”
And a saying that you will often here from her;
“No, you piece of shit.”

Intruder Listing:
1. Masou Shoujo – Haruna
2. Vampire Ninja – Seraphim

Later on, the episode shifts its attention to Ayumu’s flashbacks, or to be more specific, the day he met Yuu. After spending soem time talking with the mute girl, Ayumu makes his way back home. However, he hears a scream from inside a house full of blood stains and despite the warnings about aserial killer on the loose, the idiot walks in and finds himself murdered by a sword stabbed straight through his body. Though dead, he’s is then later revived by the very same girl he had met in front of the convenience store.

End of flashback. Back to the main story. Haruna keeps telling Ayumu off and says: “DIE DIE DIE!” thus causing Yuu to bitch slap her saying (or writing in her case): “Death is painful”.


I’m starting to love this anime more and more. It’s seriously the funniest anime I’ve ever watched :L  esp. the fantasies of our weak hearted protagonist and the little doses of Masou Shoujo Zombie (:

Love this anime ~ ♫
Masou Shoujo –  The Best ~ (Y)


Ehehe ~ My daily dose of LOL (:



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10 Responses to Kore wa Zombie desu ka? EP 2: No, I’m a Vampire Ninja

  1. Sereaphim’s boobs are hugggeee. And shiny >;D

  2. baka-neko says:


  3. baka-neko says:

    get rid of it. its annoying.

  4. baka-neko says:

    its better now
    and yea it was annoying >_>

  5. Beels and kyou updated lol /

  6. baka-neko says:

    i know. im doing zombie first.
    then ill get to work on beelze.

    shall i announce a drop and kyou?

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