Fractale 02: An Avatar of yourself.

Tada indeed. I would crap myself if a girl jumped out of my computer.

Welcome back to Fractale. Please begin your daily prayer by facing 20 degrees to the North.

Achtung! Hail!


A rather touching second episode. Young children finding the true meaning of intelligence is always heart warming. Going on an adventure aren’t you Clain? Well, with this new girl Nessa joining the fray, Clain has touched a total of three girls! What a lucky guy.

This episode involves Clain running around after Nessa; babysitting until he leaves her at the security station. He finds that Doppels aren’t enough in this world. A feeling of isolation or similar assaults him and he longs for the physical feeling of his “parents’, Nessa, and Phyrne.

Another issue is also brought up and that would be the antagonist of the story. A sadistic nun of the Fractale church. How great that she’s hunting down Phyrne and is willing to administer blistering punishments.

If I had to have a Doppel, I would have a dog Doppel. That thing looks awesome!

To be honest, I think that I could predict this coming. I mean, it’s a civilization that thrives on laziness and ephemeral pleasures. You can’t touch Doppels and humans are sparse. The moment Clain met a Phyrne, I knew he would have to leave this ignorant paradise. It’s time for an adventure Clain.

Some very nice scenery.

It’s ironic how the humans up and left. The city still stands but the people who populate it are gone! They all live in these dinky trailer looking things. Clain is the only person that lives in a house. I wonder why people even live on that planet. Clain’s parents aren’t to be seen, probably on another planet. Is there a reason why certain people need to live in designated areas? I’m sure we’ll find out eventually… hopefully.

At least those living their nomadic lives have good entertainment. The technology is what I would like to happen in the future. I want holographic screens and all the like. Quite cool.

Looking forward to seeing more Fractale.

Music! Apply directly to the body.

Looks like parenting hasn't changed much.



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One Response to Fractale 02: An Avatar of yourself.

  1. Love the BG scenary, though the weirdly shaped parents still kind of disturb me.

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