Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Ep. 3 / I’m A ESPer ;)

I’m being blinded by the fluffiness…! And yes, that’s the so-called ‘Sadako’ of Kimi Ni Todoke. The one and only.


Kawaii-ness? No complaints.

A month has passed since our previous episode and it is now May. Sawako continues to ponder over Kazehaya’s words, or to be more exact, his confession-like declaration, but fails to understand his meaning (which are obviously I LIKE YOU). To make matters worst, Sawako continues to avoid Kazehaya’s gaze because of feeling ‘bukiyou’ (awkward) and thus the two remain unable to properly communicate. It’s quite pitiful, seeing as it has been like this since New Years, but then again, the girl did after all realise the extent of her feelings and hence, become more conscientious of the guy whom she likes AKA Kazehaya. But still. HURRY UP AND GET OVER IT. I want my kissing scenes already lol.

During physical education/sport, Kazehaya spends some time with Ryuu contemplating how things are from his side of the world (situation, I mean situation). The more ‘childish, possessive and quick-tempered’ (self-quoted) of the two admits that he’s beginning to lose his patience in fear of ‘someone’ stealing his beloved Sawako – that ‘someone’ obviously being Kent (and I LOL at the sweet jealousy).

Serenata’s Other Voice: You LOL at everything.
Serenata: MENTAL BITCH SLAP. STFU when I’m doing my summary.

Another lol factor: Yano-chin’s puckered lips, and the aura of doom.

Getting back to Sawako, our protagonist continues to tend to her medical garden, oblivious of Kazehaya’s troubles. Yano-chin and Chizuru, followed by Kent, then pay her a visit, and with that combination in mind we’re bound to have a few comical laughs.

Kent: I’m an ESPer ;)
Sawako: Shishou…!
Yano and Chi: *WTF face*

Timeskip. Everyone is now studying for the upcoming midterm exams, and Kent, upon hearing about last year’s results thanks to Sawako’s ‘cursed notes’, suggests that the whole class should do a crash course led by Sawako-sensei. (Remember how Sawako had tutored her whole class back in Season One, and because that, they managed to get a really high average? Well, basically it’s a repeat of that). Suspicious of the blonde’s actions, Yano-chin questions Kent about his motives, especially since he’s been interacting so nicely with Sawako lately. The said guy confesses that he’s well aware of the fact that Sawako likes Kazehaya and therefore won’t interfere with their relationship cause he’s a ‘good guy’. However, despite this self-exclamation, we see a hidden smile…or smirk, from the guy afterwards…

Now what could that imply?

I wonder if this season will show some Kent x Ayane action?

The ending to this episode was somewhat a déjà vu of the previous. Again, Sawako and Kazehaya were left alone together in the classroom, this time however, instead of a ‘confession’, Kazehaya says to forget about the other day (cause in his opinion, Sawako merely respects him as an idol and thus if he suddenly confessed, it would undoubtedly cause her to worry about it). Again, stunned to the point of being mute, Sawako isn’t able to say anything but watch the guy walk way.

Episode 4 left us with a cliff-hanger as Kent approached the saddened Kazehaya, saying that he had something to talk about.


Sniff sniff. Why did you have to be so dense Sawako? No, why did the two of you have to be so dense? Moreover, what’s with all the timeskips?! :@ Oh wells, the fact that we actually got some insight into Kazehaya’s perspective made up for it. And just at the right time too – Sawako wasn’t exactly making the best of progressions, nor were they of any interest.

Oh and for those who don’t know why my blabberings are always so short, it’s because I pretty much integrate them into the SUMMARY. Really, whatever is said here are the leftovers. Haha, sounds like food >;D

My apologies for this crappy review – it was kind of half-hearted. Hopefully you haven’t died from the boredom of reading it – blame Federer for being such a distraction. LOL, yes, I actually bother to watch his tennis matches. Google it if you have no idea what I’m talking about.


Next Time: Misunderstood

This whole series is practically filled with misunderstandings, so I don’t see why the producers just suddenly decided to title an episode this far into the story so. But then again, perhaps they’re hinting something here? Perhaps a LOV –

Serenata: GACK! Why did you have to take after Azu-Nyan DX?

Please ignore that. It’s just my spilt personality talking :)

– Serenata


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25 Responses to Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Ep. 3 / I’m A ESPer ;)

  1. Yi says:

    I’m kind of hoping Kent won’t stay true to his words and actually make a move on Sawako. Maybe that will get Kazehaya fired up enough to actually do something.

    • Ditto. But I reckon Kazehaya’s pretty impatient already…going so far as to somehwat ‘confess’ to Sawako, only to tell her afterwards to totally forget about it. Haha, I reckon he’s feeling pretty jealous of Kent, though a tad bit more wouldn’t hurt ;)

  2. Jo says:

    GGGOOOOOOOoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kent!!!!


    • Haha, yes, let’s support Kent in demolishing Kazehaya and Sawako’s relationship :)

      • Jo says:

        I like Sawako x Kent…but deep down inside I know its not gonna happen..boohoo =(
        Damn you creators of this manga/anime, why can’t you just let Sawako be happy??

        • Jo says:

          oh yeah, I forgot to ask, how is the new school?
          you enjoying it there?


        • Sawako’s almost there. Just another episode to go, and she’ll be happy as with Kazehaya. As for Kent’s relationships, I’m more for Kent x Ayane though I wouldn’t mind Kurumi instead (though I reckon she’ll have to be the spoiled princess type).

          As for my new school, I hate it. Private so not much freedom there. And urg, they give out so much homework…I stopped doing hw since yr 8 lol…I hate my senior years already.

  3. Jo says:

    I hope Kent gets a good ending so to speak…he genuinely seems like a good guy albeit a bit misguided.
    Ayane- I though she liked more mature guys? wasn’t she going out with a uni student last season or whatever..?
    Kurumi doesn’t deserve Kent…He is too good for her ^^

    Ha, is it one of those school that make you wear silly hats every time you go to and from school?
    I’m sure the homework thing will get better once you start getting into the routine of doing it lol… and yes it does get worst…jk!


    • Me too. Kent’s a good guy…just a tad bit mischievous here and there.
      I reckon Ayane and Kent will be a couple; the manga was somewhat hinting on it. I suppose it just comes to prove how people’s tastes change over time lol?
      Who knows. But it seems to be it’s going to be a 50-50 chance of Ayane x Kent.

      Nonono. Thankgod my school doesn’t do that lol. We just have to wear long skirts and fugly bags. And I never liked homework to start with. Don’t think I will now.

      • Jo says:

        Then yeah! for Ayane and Kent, but then since its only one season long, I don’t think it’ll get animated. Can’t wait for next week though..confrontation DUN DUN DUN!! Stupid Kazehaya, the more I think of this the more annoyed I get with him..Stop being so damn wishy washy…

        But are the school colours decent? It should be ok as long as the colours are good. Imagine going to school in a pink uniform (ie. Cheltenham GHS. and no, I didn’t go there…) I would die if I had to wear or even brown (sydney girls…) pretty ugly stuff…(and no I didn’t go there either).

        Heh, no one likes homework…


        • Yeah. I keep wondering whether KNT S2 will go for the 13 or 26 episodes shot? I’m hopefully for the latter >< More ish good.
          And yes! Confessions confessions ~ And alot of crying if I recall correctly.

          As for school, the colours are ok…green and white. Could have been worst. But lol, Sydney girls is a smart school. Forget the uniform – it boosts ur ATAR (lol, UAI sounded better. dunno why julia gillard had to change it to ATAR).

          • Jo says:

            From what I’ve seen around, I’m pretty sure its 13 episodes unfortunately…but then again if it was 26 episodes, they probably would have dragged everything out least things are moving at a decent pace this time around..
            poor Sawako, I don’t want her to cry. Ayane should take things into her own hand and kick Kazehaya’s arse again (and again and again…)

            Green and white is ok, but blue is always best. I like blue…
            Ha, do your homework and maybe you can try out for and get into Sydney girls..
            ATAR, what the hell, I had to google it just now to see what it stood for…stupid name. Yes, UAI is much much better…

            btw, do you study Japanese?

            • 26 EPISODES! If not, I’ll bloody murder the producers. Yes, just magically fly to Japan and demand for a 26 episode release.

              I like Ayane, though I wish she could also work on her love life as well.

              And Chizu x Ryu ftw!

              My old school used to have blue…blue, red and white. Haha, I did try out for Sydney girls…failed though >< Oh wells, wasn't really enthusiastic about joining anyways.
              Lol, yes. Why couldn't it be UAI still?

              • Jo says:

                Jetstar has buy one get one free ticket to Japan, so if you do decide to go kill the producers, take me with you lol…
                but yeah MAL has it listed for 13 episodes..

                Yeah, I’m glad Chizuru and Ryuu got some awesome screentime this week…

                try out again, it may boost your ATAR mark lol..

                • LOL. Either ways, with free ticket or not, I’ll just stuff you into my trunk along with a ton of cookies to keep you occupied in there.

                  Naw, still hoping for 16 though. Who knows…maybe MAL got it wrong?

                  And yes! I know. Loved that scene where Chizu was begging Ryu for help and it kinda seem misleading.

                  Nah, I cbf trying out again. Too hassling.

  4. Jo says:

    Yes!! I’m going to Japan!! and I get cookies as a bonus..

    do MAL get things wrong often though? I wouldn’t know..

    but but that look on Ryuu’s face when he saw Chizu walk out of the house…so cute.! they make such a cute couple..


    • AGREED :)
      Chizu and Ryuu should definitely get more screening time together.

    • baka-neko says:


      take me with yuu~ ~ I demand a seat in your luggage >;3
      or a free ticket? either would do. I will pay you in Galaxy World Tokens :L

      • Jo says:

        Nah mate, I’m going in Serenata’s trunk/luggage. She is even providing me with cookies lol… She is taking me to Japan..hahaha….
        Maybe you can fit in her luggage too?


        • jacqivarius says:

          HAHA! I’ve already been. Jealous? I know right.

          • Jo says:

            Isn’t it some ungodly hour over your side of the world? Why aren’t you sleeping?!

            and yes, very jealous… (must save up, and maybe by the end of the year I can go..or maybe next year…or the year

            Serenata, I demand you take me in your luggage!!!

          • baka-neko says:

            same ive been too . but I WANNA GO AGAIN ! :D

            wait.. serenata is going to japan!? she never told me. I demand an explanation >_>

  5. Anonymous says:


    how dare you forget what our uniform looks like after 2 months ;o
    AND ALL THOSE YEARS ~ *sobs*
    nah im kidding. the teachers are doing this SKIRT ALERT thing for those girls who wear skirts and not to roll it too high, adjust it, tight skirts, and etc. no were not nun like yuu ~ xD

    • Haha, you’d be surprised how short our skirts can get too despite it being private and all. It’s mean to be past ur knees but no one follows that; just roll them up short lol.
      Some are real short, as short as slut short.

  6. baka-neko says:

    i just realised that they put me in ANONYMOUS.
    D:< *ashamed*

    but theyre pleated . and you can tell if its rolled up cuhs its like all crinkly and deformed and it flicks outwards. o_O

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