Infinite Stratos EP 3: The Transfer Student Is A Second Childhood Friend

Another childhood friend…? Does that make it ok to classify IS as a harem? Yeah?


If you’ve read my previous review, you would know that Cecilia Alcott (the British candidate) had won the challenge for Class Representative. Despite this, Cecilia drops the position as the rightful winner should have been Ichika if not for that last minute energy drain (and not to mention, it was the guy’s first ever match).

This episode, Ichika meets a girl named Fan Rinin, who is a transfer student from China, his childhood friend AND the Class Representative of Class 2.

Fan Rinin

As Ichika and Rin reintroduce themselves to one another, Cecilia and Houki get jealous and therefore, decide to coach Ichika in the practice of using the IS till the point that he can no longer move. As Rin finds out that Houki and Ichika are roommates, she tries to persuade Houki to switch with her but Houki refuses.

Houki and her IS

Rin finally leaves but is angered due to Ichika unable to figure out the childhood promise which they had made so long ago. They decide to settle things with the Inter-Class IS Tournament.

Left; Rinin's IS


Not much to say. This episode was basically an introduction to a new character who’s a little hyper and possibly idiosyncratic (is that the right word?). She’s alright I guess…not too stuck up like Alcott, or a tsundere likeHouki.

I guess it’s something for the lolicon-fans to enjoy.



Decisive Battle! The Class League Match. 

– kimmichan


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3 Responses to Infinite Stratos EP 3: The Transfer Student Is A Second Childhood Friend

  1. I think it was fairly obvious from the start that this was a harem-bound anime…Sigh.

    • jacqivarius says:

      You think? I thought it would be an intellectual journey involving space travel and a defense of the Earth from the societal chains that bind us; hence the symbolism of wings and armour.

      Or it could have been a carnival of carnage. Both of which would have been better than this. ;D

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