Starry Sky Ep 5 (Pisces I)

Nice fanart~ Fits his zodiac sign as well~

For the next two episodes, Starry Sky will feature love interest Kanata Nanami. Basically, this dude (I’m gonna refer to him as Kanata) is a sick boy who tries to protect his childhood friends (Tsukiko and Tohzuki Suzuya) by learning how to fight.


The episode begins with a flashback of Kanata and his two childhood friends sharing some good times together. He keeps thinking that everyone around him (including Tsukiko and Suzuya) will eventually leave him, but Tsukiko and Suzuya prove otherwise.

From left to right: Suzuya, Kanata, Tsukiko (they're so cute~)

Kick forward to his primary school years, and Kanata is touched by this friendship and therefore, wants to protect his friends. However, as Kanata is physically weak, he learns how to fight with the motive of protecting Tsukiko and Suzuya.

That kinda looks wrong to me but its actually Kanata with his fist out

The episode ends with Kanata thinking “no one knows the importance of having someone by their side more than I do” and “as long as my friends are beside me, I’ll never be afraid”. ^^

This was actually a peek from the first episode ^^ The one on the left is Kanata and right is Suzuya


I thought that Kanata’s personality was really tsundere for some reason…Besides that, his voice was awesome~ His past is really cute as well. The awesome “I gotta protect mah friends~~” feeling is being emitted out of him~ However at the same time, his personality and past is also sorta cliche so that brings it down a bit. So far, Kanata is my favorite love interest. Tsubasa was…whiny…and Yoh seemed just like a heartless biatch to me.

Since I did some pic spams for the previous few episodes (except the very first one), I was thinking…KANATA PIC SPAM~~ Might as well.

This is a short scene from the game~ From Left to Right: Suzuya, Kanata, Yoh Tomoe (first two eps)

OHOHOHOHO~ From my data collection

Another scene of gameplay

Another awesome fanart~ :D

Next Episode Preview:

Next episode is the continuation of Kanata’s story aka “Pisces II”. I’m really looking forward for this one since Kanata has “intrigued” me more than Yoh and Tsubasa. ;D

For this anime, I can never find a good snapshot of the next episode preview for II, so I give you:

The ending credit scene of Kanata~

Until next time!


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  1. jacqivarius says:

    This man has crazy hair. I wonder how much wax or gel he abuses in the morning… and if he has any pigments left. Maybe he’s ill; the white hair isn’t normal!

  2. sakuraxxyume says:

    I would like to ask…Why the fruck is this out? Didn’t I change it back to “draft”????


  3. sakuraxxyume says:


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