Yumekui Merry 03: Tag Team!

Doughnuts. Her only weakness.

Hello and welcome back Merry Nightmare. I’m sorry that I haven’t visited you!
I’m trying to catch up on all the anime that I missed during my spout of sickness and exam week. The 4th episode of this is already out and the 5th should be coming really soon. I’ll try to speed through everything.

Introducing new character?

This episode comes with a new character (or two), a loli to be exact! Her name is Kisaragi Minato and she is friendless… how sad.

Merry is still traversing the world looking for a gateway back home and Yumeji is still searching for her. Of course whenever a new character is introduced, they’re probably a dream demon or will be attacked/possessed by a dream demon. Lucky for ole Minato, she shares a doughnut with Merry, obviously ensuring her survival.

The three: Merry, Yumeji, and Minato share a nice game of Kick the Can and as it ends, Yumeji conducts his famous fortune telling. Oh noes! Minato is going to be visited by a dream demon. They have a bout and Minato learns that she should have friends. A nice ending… though the episode ends with another new character slaying a demon. Mysterious.

Oh lawds. That's creepy. Kids are creepy.

A bit of a cookie cutter episode. There are glimpses of other important characters, namely Kawanami Chizuru, but it really is just Yumeji and Merry fighting other dream demons and saving people. To be expected I guess.
The “daydream” scenes are still quite stunning with large landscapes built around the demon. Apparently, Yumeji can also cross into this realm between dream and reality. He’s a pretty cool guy though. He seems to be perpetually calm even when he’s about to die.

This demon drops gourds from the sky... how unique.

The animation quality seems to have tapered from the first episode. It’s a bit dull and less smooth looking. The quality is above most of the anime this winter season though. Again, to be expected. After having watched so many different anime, I’ve come to understand that the first and/or second episode are always the best.
It’s a shame that SHAFT isn’t producing this. Puella Magi Madoka Magica is greatly benefitting from their style but I feel that Yumekui Merry would also.

A bit ironic, everytime they meet.

I guess that’s all I have to say for now. A rather bland episode in my opinion. Introducing a few new characters, supporting or otherwise, and developing the ones that have already been introduced. I still have high expectations of this anime though; remember that awesome fight scene versus John Doe? I do.
I also remember how Yumeji calls him John Doo. It still haunts my dreams. ZING! Bad pun.

Note to self, weird eyes on every dream demon. Merry and this one episode demon included.


She keeps changing her eyes. They're actually spirals. DREAM DEMON!



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  1. NICE! You’ve ace-d the spacing ;)

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