Infinite Stratos EP 4: Showdown! The Class League Match

Epic battle between Ichika and Rin!


The Inter-Class Tournament begins and Rin and Ichika are battling it out in their IS suits. But their match gets interrupted when a mysterious IS attacks the arena.

The "Mysterious IS"

As Rin and Ichika fight the mysterious IS, in order for the students to evacuate, the two realise that it is in fact an unmanned IS drone (in other words, piloted by a computer) due to its mechanical-like behaviour. The three of them, including Cecilia, defeat the IS.

Though just before they defeat the IS, it manages to injure Ichika. As Rin watches over the recovering Ichika, the two discuss about their childhood promise, and whether it had a different meaning, to which Rin denies.

Meanwhile, Maya and Chifuyu examine the IS drone and confirm that it’s an unmannered  IS with a unique Core that isn’t part of the 467 confirmed Cores.


To be honest I am starting to lose my interest in IS. There’s too much lovey-dovey harem kind of thing going on. It’s already episode 4 and they are still introducing characters into the anime. I honestly think this anime will leave many people questioning its plot at the end (unless they read the manga or make a season 2). It’s great to see a love story within a mecha genre but, seriously a harem…?


Boy Meets Boy

He really does look like a chick.

– Kimmichan


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5 Responses to Infinite Stratos EP 4: Showdown! The Class League Match

  1. Duqs says:

    Brit-tan has my vote as IS best woman so far. She reminds me of the freedom gundam =D

  2. paper says:

    I dislike the oncoming harem; the series would have been a favorite for me if the harem didn’t exist but I’m putting up with it. Hopefully the harem doesn’t get out of hand where it’s the main focus of the series.

    • Wells…despite the fact that he’s the only, and therefore, most popular male in the academy, Ichika’s attitude doesn’t seem to make much room for the harem to progress further to romance. I’m assuming that the next episode will introduce another male character – which hopefully, won’t turn out to be a crossdressor or the such – so things will probably get more interesting.

  3. As with others, I’m not really liking the lovey-dovey harem stuff right now because it’s quite a bit over-cliched right now, with the jealousy, and the huge clash in personality between the three. Hopefully that’ll change when they add in fresher characters, hopefully with a normal/non-annoying personality. Pacing’s definitely a issue, but it will probably get better due to that the real plot needs to progress very soon.
    As for the blonde guy in the preview, Chifuyu looks more like a man than him (her?)

  4. Kimmichan says:

    I agree I think the storyline will improve with new characters (well I hope), the harem thing is a little bit much and all. Hope to see a change in it.
    I bet Chifuyu is a dude and the blonde guy/girl it’s a little obvious that he is a girl..

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