Level E 2&3: The Duping

Shoot, they were right under our nose the entire time!

Clive! Is he going to be captured by the authorities? Will Yukitaka be able to save him?!

Very suggestive but strange alien fetish isn't my strongest trait.


Picking off from the last episode, our new alien friend has revealed himself to be a type of transforming alien codenamed Clive... right? NOPE! It was a lie, apparently Clive is his pet! What a prankster right? You don’t know the half of it.
In episode two, Mr. Clive (they still haven’t revealed his name so I’ll call him by his pet name) is still in danger of being assaulted by the Earthlings. He has crash landed and requires assistance to evade the curiosity of earth scientists.

Yukitaka is there to save the day and he takes him under his wing. In the mean time, another alien ship has landed. This ship is from the planet Dogura. In this instance, we learn that the Yamagata prefecture of Japan has always been under control of an alien race: the Disckonians.

The Disckonians seem to be the alpha predator of the universe. They prey on anything that embarreses them or bothers them. With all due respect, the Dogura party (Kraft, Sade, and Colin) visit the leader of the Disckonian within Yamagata prefecture. They are allowed to search for their missing person but must refrain from pissing off any of the local aliens and humans. Of course, Clive beats up a thug who happens to be a Disckonian! Shoot. Clive also happens to be a prince en-route to an intergalactic conference that could decide the fate of the universe. Double shoot.

Dead body.

Now, let us speak of episode three.

That is not a dead body. It’s an inherent trait of the Disckonian race to play dead when in danger. However, this is an insult to their race as the strong should not need to play dead. Intergalactic battle is about to erupt. The Dogura have until sunset to give up the perpetrator but they can’t turn in a prince right?
They figure out that the prince has been in search of information regarding the races of those attending the conference. One of these races turn out to be the Disckonians! There could be secret information about their weakness. Sunset is coming, they better hurry.

*Face Palm*

After reading the summary of the third episode and the title, you probably assumed that they would dupe the Disckonians and escape. Wrong, it was me who was duped as well as the prince escorts.


It was all an elaborate ruse! The prince is a prankster, a demon. He spent the entire time concocting a reality show revolving around his “troubles”. The Disckonians of the Yamagata prefecture are docile and were in on it the whole time. They had me tricked.

The true reason why Yukitaka came to this small prefecture. The Disckonians are baseball fans.

I don’t even know what to say. Amazing display of limited omniscient perspective? Damn it, I didn’t see it coming at all.

Remember those creepy kids from the first episode? Aliens.

It's a cat with a camera in its forehead.

They actually said that!

If I were Kraft, I would do that too.




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5 Responses to Level E 2&3: The Duping

  1. jacqivarius says:

    A random comment from me. I kind of miss the old pseudo-realistic style of anime like EVA or otherwise. Old 90’s anime hold a soft spot in my heart. The quality seems to be… greater. More attention to detail and symbolism.

  2. …What is that meant to be? The first pic.

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