Rio: Rainbow Gate! Ep. 04 / The Return Of The Fanservice

Sorry for the crappy pics.

Now what kind of 10 year old kid goes around flipping people’s skirts? Oh wait, this is Rio: Rainbow Gate! we’re talking about…right. That would explain why we have such fuc- I mean, weird characters. Especially the little kids. Pink haired ones carrying a teddy bear, to be exact. Cough, Mint, Cough. Let’s not forget that she can also measure your three sizes in just one glance.

HOORAY! So I’m not actually dropping this project…yet. Yeah, I know I know. I said that last time too (and probably the time before that as well) but I’m quite stubborn, despite myself saying otherwise. I like to see things through til the very end once I’ve started, so yeah, even if I were to give up blogging about this series, I’ll most likely still be watching it. Moreover, Rio: Rainbow Gate! might just not be as idiotic as it may seem…save for a few totally unnecessarily factors.


I’m somewhat laidback with this summary, so do be warned, it’ll be no where near detailed as I could have possibly made it to be.

Dealer: Rina. I’m assuming her magic is the ‘black’ version of Rio’s.

Long story made short, episode 4 basically focused on Rio’s relationship with Rina – a blonde babe who’s a fellow dealer as well as childhood best friend. There were a few touches of Rio’s past and hidden conspiracies as well, and were I to look at these with a less cynical perspective, I suppose the plot would seem…slightly more decent than it did back in episode one. Otherwise, it’s still a shame overall.

Unlike the previous episodes, this one actually introduced two gambling battles instead one. Then again, both were of no real importance as they weren’t Gate Battles, and to make matters worst, I failed to comprehend its comedy completely. At best, my response was the same as Victorique’s in Gosick – laughing for the sake of getting it over and done with. The big boobs and panty shots didn’t save it either – perhaps if I were a guy it would have more of an affect but nope, I’m not.

The first competitor…Gosh, I already forgot his name. The game was basically some pointless lottery, which ofcourse, Rio prevails.

Simply said, all that we really learnt this episode was:

–      Rina’s three sizes (which I’m not going to bother listing)
–      That due to her mother being hospitalised, Rina was raised as a sister slash childhood friend to Rio under Rio’s own mother.
–      And that Rio’s mother, Risa Rollins, is in fact a dealer (hence the one who tutored the two girls their skills) codenamed, Double R. She’s apparently the only dealer to have ever collected all of the Gate cards. (This is beginning to sound more and more like a cliché copy of Yu-Gi-Oh…) Recall how Rio had mentioned being closer to her idol and the such back in episode 2? Turns out it was her own mother.

And that’s pretty much it. Yeah, not much character exploration. Perhaps that’s why I was so confused about Rina’s; I was constantly thinking “IS SHE AN EVIL BACK STABBING BITCH OR NOT?!” cause it sure seemed like it she was…whilst it didn’t.

Then there was the second game of this week. Though not really gambling related as it was “Disc Shooting” it was somewhat similar to Strip Poker cause of the stripping part, if that still counts. The rules were that Player 1 would use controls to shoot two discs, followed by Player 2 shooting them with their gun, and vice versa. Points would be given depending on the number of discs shot, and supposing the player was to miss, then they would have to remove one article of clothing. With the choice of the other player determining which piece, that is.

In this sort of situation, Rina would have more of the advantage whilst Rio would have more of the skill.

Seems that XEBEC noticed it would be far too repetitive if Rio kept getting all the wins…so they decided to go for a draw this time. Apparently, it was supposed to show the ‘uncompetitive friendship’ between Rio and Rina. Right…If it really wasn’t, then Rina wouldn’t have cheated nor would she have given Rio such a hard time.

Neverminding that. Once again, RRG introduced another last-minute character, this time, a tanned beach babe by the name of Linda. The episode ends with the assumption of Rio ‘going on a journey’. Whatever that means.


So rather than always stating that “I have nothing to say” in my Blabberings I decided to roll out some questions and answers, which would hopefully give more of an opinion.

What are your thoughts on Rina’s character? Any pros or cons?

I dislike her. I can’t really say why though, it’s just one of those ‘dislike without reason’ sort of feelings. And oh my god, I was SO confused throughout this whole episode – I had no idea whether she was meant to be a bad guy or not. She seemed like the former to me, especially with that attitude of hers. But the moment I was thinking “she’s a back stabbing biatch!”, the next, her actions would contradict my impression. Repeat this about two or three times, and you’ve got a one hell of terribly confused me.

So at this stage, I can’t really determine any pros or cons.

What do you reckon of the series so far?

Still very idiotic, though a tad bit more with purpose than it did previously did in episode one. Episode one was just plain WTF. Now, it’s a semi LOLWUT. Unless you’re terribly random and patient, I highly recommend that you do not touch this series. Don’t even think about it. Otherwise, your otaku mind might just blow up.

How about any complaints? Or compliments even?

Yeah. I have a compliant. It’s called a spilt personality and right now, it’s interviewing me. How do I get rid of that?

Um…wells, it’s definitely unique…idiotically random…entertaining even, I suppose (to a certain extent)…That’s about it.

As for my complaints, the show itself is pretty much a complaint. One question though; why Yu-Gi-Oh?

Some evil lady who’s after Rio…You could probably guess who she is from the OP.


Thought I might as well include something for the ecchi fans out there. 

– Serenata


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  1. Yi says:

    Haha, that last screenshot.
    “Isn’t this too much?”
    Yea, I’d say so. ^ ^

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