Starry Sky Ep 6 (Pisces II)/ The Finest Love Interest So Far~

Sadly this episode will conclude the story of Kanata ~
And I liked this love interest~ But nothing can last forever D: was pretty sad to see this end...T_T


The three childhood friends go off to Seigatsu Academy. Kanata finds Tsukiko working herself too much and sees crying one night. He stays by her and says that he’ll always continue to do.

You can see her tears...with the awesome blue arrow that I made ;D

And…in comes Yoh comes. Kanata states that their little trio soon turned into a group with four people, and that he’s perfectly fine with the idea. Except the times when Yoh sexually harasses Tsukiko like there’s no tomorrow keeps physically touching her.

This episode ends with Kanata being happy that he’ll able to witness his friends enjoying their own happy as it was because of them that he existed.

This part just made me cry T_T -tissue please ~


OMG NO!! The ending was so sad…Especially when Kanata said “There’s a limit to everyone’s life. Since my limit is shorter than others…” D: Because of this, Kanata is officially now first place on my love interests so far. (may change later on)

Basically, Kanata made my tears drop *sniffle*~ Also, now I HATE YOH!! I noticed his personality being somewhat similar to a clingy baby stuck to his mother no matter the situation (which annoys me just as it creeps me out).

To ease the anger…  ~ KANATA PIC-SPAM

Epic scene from gameplay...LOOKS SO ADORABLE o////o

B-Day Pic~~

Next Episode Preview:

The next episode is called “Aries I” and covers: the great Ore-sama prez, Kazuki Shiranui. He looks…sorta like Atobe Keigo from Prince of Tennis o_O

Very Atobe Keigo-ish O_O



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