Fractale 03: The Truth

Clain and his technology fetish. How cute.

Finally! We get some answers as to what is going on and who any of the people are.
What is the Fractale System and why are people fighting against it? I thought it was supposed to provide peace to the entire world!

The stars are a trap.

Lost Millennium. This is the group that opposes the church of Fractale. They have a mission and that is to stop the system entirely. The Fractale System is supposedly able to allow for world peace, why would anyone want to usurp it? The reason is that the church is an authoritarian. Their goal is to control the world, of course, and they have achieved it.
Every person has something called a Terminal inside of them. This allows for the Fractale System to update it’s databases and keep its tabs on everything that you do. I assume that you readers remember the “praying” from the first few episodes. These sessions of prayer are actually a small brainwashing that occurs everyday. It erases the questions that you may have about the system. It is only until one removes their Terminal that they can see the truths; as the Lost Millennium faction does.
The reality of the situation is quite harsh but the pacing is quite nice. It begins with a lesurly abduction into a very nice village filled with vintage items (a dream come true of Clain’s) and then a dinner in celebration of their arrival! The Lost Millennium is a terrorist group but they sure don’t seem like it. Nessa is a font of data that the Lost Millennium hopes to mine. Her arrival is a good omen for them. They aren’t against violence though, not in the least.

From the Star Festival.

I like the idea of this the Festival. This Star Festival is a gathering of the people. It supposedly imbues you with the protection of the stars. However, these stars are actually relays for a mass update of nano-machinery. Brainwash basically.

A violent uprising is always needed to beat the government. Too bad these are civilians though.

What impresses me the most about this anime is how true to human nature it is. Humans are always looking for a way out. If I can be lazy, of course I would choose to be lazy. This Fractale System allows for that but in return, you give up true freedom. People don’t live with each other because it is a “hassle”. While I may agree to this, at some point contact is needed (hence Clain’s yearning for affection). Balance is a good thing to have.
The Lost Millennium group may be terrorist but of what cause are they? Killing people is wrong but if it’s for the greater good than is it really bad? Is the Fractale System a bad thing or a good thing?
Rhetorical question city, I know. I’m sure that Clain will find his answer soon enough. My guess is that Phyrne and Clain will save the world without the need for causalities as is common in these types of shows.

Stunning vistas makes things all better though!

The people of this city require visors to see Doppels. They have no Terminals.

Tube food? Seriously?

Nessa is made of data! You cannot cage her!

Dun dun dun! Phyrne is back! Also Nessa clone... what?




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  1. Haha, loved the awkward shot of the panties ;P

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