Yumekui Merry 04: Correspondence

Yumekui Merry, two episodes of the same.

I gave the first episode raving reviews but now… I don’t know if it can contend with the best of them.


This episode is much like the last one. A Dream Demon takes over an acquaintance and the Merry/Yumeji team must stop them.

This time, the Dream Demon is a text correspondence of the president of the literary club that Yumeji is in. He’s a creep and his name is Chris. Nothing of importance happens except that Merry reciprocates some of the sympathy that Yumeji showed her. They team up, as everyone expected.

Cha cha cha!

*Sigh* I hope every episode isn’t like this. It’s so… boring. Incredibly slow progression.
There is a slight bit of cameo action though. A light at the end of the tunnel maybe? Kawanami Chizuru, the red hair girl, makes an appearance. The nosy childhood friend of Yumeji wants to become friends with the anti-social schoolmate that is as frigid as the north. That CAN’T be a problem right? She doesn’t have crazy Dream Demon eyes right? Predictable.
The angel-like character doesn’t appear. Chris doesn’t say much of importance. The only thing that happens is Yumeji and Merry team up… officially. It took over 25 minutes for this to happen?! For fucks sake.

Demon eyes! Who expected this?!

I think that the most infuriating portion of this episode was when they put Merry into a maid costume. They seemed to be lacking the moe factor so they need to stick something at the very end just to drum up some excitement.
While I was watching this episode, I found myself skipping about, hoping that something will happen. It never did. If I didn’t watch this episode, it would have no effect on the next one that I saw. Yumekui Merry is only four episodes in and they ran out of material to use. That’s a bit pathetic.
Maybe, just maybe, they’re taking it slow because the manga did. However, if I lose interest now, what’s the point? I would rather have 6 episodes of action packed entertainment instead of 13 episodes where half of them do nothing for me.
This isn’t a Slice of Life anime, it’s an action/supernatural one. I hope they either pick up the pace or make the slower parts more entertaining.

I like how her friends let her meet a random stranger who replies only in text.

Chris, he has no torso and uses beams of light as weapons. Original.


Come on Yumeji! It's not even a revealing costume. Maid moe?




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