Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 3 (Welcome to Card Capital)

A filler episode…or so, in my opinion.

Aichi's little sis, Emi


Like I said, filler episode. It basically introduces Emi, Aichi’s little sister, and how Aichi’s personality changed because of the card game Vanguard.

Detail wise, Emi sees Aichi hanging around Morikawa and thinks that he is getting bullied. Therefore, she follows the two til she reaches a card trading store (later known as Card Capital, hence the episode title). Emi is greeted by the manager, Nitta.

Emi arriving at the shop (At the right is the manager of the shop)

Emi finds out why Aichi has been returning home so late and how he’s happy playing the game. Upon seeing this, she decides to get “into” Vanguard as well.

Besides this little plot for Emi, there was also a duel between Aichi and Morikawa and (no durr) Aichi pwns Morikawa bad.

Emi watching from a distance~

This scene made me think that the manager was a pedophile


First of all…EMI LOOKS SO ADORABLE!!!! This episode was  boring as since it was kind of a filler but in the least, it introduced some new characters to us~ Nitta is hot AND at last, this episode introduced who the cat and the woman are.

The cat is the “Substitute Manager” O___O and the woman is Misaki Tokura, niece of Nitta and looks over the counter.

Blue arrow is "Substitute Manager" and Misaki is the green arrow

I know, the arrows are slightly crooked -___-”

Next episode preview:

The next episode is called “Assault! Twin Drive!!” Like every other previous episode in Cardfight, I wasn’t able to obtain a good screenshot of the next episode preview and basically the fact that Photoshop is freaking out on me and trying to ruin my life so I give you:

A OMGWTFBBQ face of Morikawa when he was defeated ;D

Until next time~


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6 Responses to Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 3 (Welcome to Card Capital)

  1. Valence says:

    Which episode in this show isn’t filler?

  2. Mazinkan says:

    Im going to start watching this show on my free time just because of the purple hair gal, wish there was a manga though, they tend to be more detailed

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