Hourou Musuko 03: Change

This girl! Always causing trouble.

Is it weird that a boy wants to be a girl and vice-versa?
At this point, I’m not sure.


A genderbender play. It sounds like a simple concept unless you have a Nitori and Takatsuki in your class. They’re reaching the age when puberty becomes an issue. Before, they could simple mask their genders with clothing and such. Nitori’s voice is deepening and Takatsuki’s chest is beginning to burgeon. It seems that the two are beginning to go their separate ways.

Nitori is taking action to prevent or lessen the effect of puberty while Takatsuki decides to give in.

Speaking of puberty. *wink wink* That was my first thought before I saw the coffee.

Anyways, I want you to guess, who is writing the script? Go on, take a guess.

Chiba and Nitori.

This seriously cannot be coincidental. It doesn’t help that the play they are writing reflects Takatsuki and Nitori perfectly. Taking the story of Romeo and Juliet but changing their… sexual tendencies. It’s a bit awkward; not that the entire anime isn’t.

Romeo wants to be a girl and Juliet wants to be a boy. Who is going to play them?! Can anyone guess?

A call for support?

A phone call from Takatsuki. She happens to be clutching what seems to be a clothing bag. Is it symbolic that she “forgot” her bag while rushing to the bus? I think that it is.
When I said that she gave up, I meant that she gave up trying to become a boy. Being a sports player, wearing a bra/sports bra is a necessity. She seemed to be struggling with that. I would assume that the bag she was carrying is the bra, which can later be seen on her person. A man tells her to pick it up. A homage to how stupid society is?

Turning point.

In the meantime, there’s a side story going on between Nitori’s sister and her boyfriend Seya. I laugh at his inability to cope with how exponentially cute Nitori is. Also, they kissed. *GIGGLE*
Seya and Mako are rather weird characters in my opinion. They don’t add much to the story (for now at least) but are specifically there to support Nitori. Takatsuki doesn’t have any moral support either than Nitori who would probably be the worst person to rely on.

It’s all coming apart.

Nitori has some strange fantasies.


The boy version.



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