[MANGA] Kaichou wa Maid-Sama – CH.57

Kaichou wa Maid-sama finally updated !! (and after two months of waiting =3=) Nevertheless, please read (:

Aah, the misakixusui scenes have finally returned! Let’s hope that because of their uber slow updates, they’ll be back to updating once every month like they used to.

Please beware that this chapter will cause a fangirl/boy to extremely overload. Yes, I would know ^^;

Recap: Misaki trades her perfume for a pair of amusement park tickets at the Maid Gift Exchange Event. She plans on a ‘date’ with Usui to confess to him and give him his Christmas present. However, due to his recent family issues, he’s being spied on the entire time.

Misaki learns that even if you try to hide such a handsome guy, you can’t, because he will stand out no matter where he is.

As for the butler(aka. Ninja/Spy), the two attempt to rid of him by riding in a separate carriage on the Ferris Wheel; leaving him behind and allowing them to have some PRIVACY.

Summary: Throughout the whole chapter, Misaki plans on conveying her feelings to Usui. The only problem though, is that she can’t say it.

At her “target point”, rather than giving him his gift and confessing, Usui gives his present first…which then made things even harder for her to give him the cheap-looking-handmade muffler.

Maria-sensei (aka. the lesbian teacher) stops the spying butler from interrupting the two later on, as she wants Misaki to be happy. Misa-chan and Usui then leave to eat dinner, with Misaki choosing the restaurant (which obviously has to be cheap).

“If it is with Ayuzawa,
Whatever I do,
Wherever I am,
I’m happy.
So it’s okay.”

Blabberings: This chapter will be first on my favourite Kaichou wa Maidsama moments ~ along with the love trial, maid at the beach and school festival fireworks. I almost died LOL-ing from the last chapter where both of them were like: NO. WE DON’T KNOW THIS GUY. *glare*
Oh, and at the end of this chapter, I almost died. Sorry that I didn’t post up many pics, mainly because it will reveal the rest of the story in this chapter, though I’ve probably given you the basic impression about whats’ gonna happen in the end and forgive me for that. So for now,
Just go read it for yourself.



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8 Responses to [MANGA] Kaichou wa Maid-Sama – CH.57

  1. Jo says:

    OMG!! Best Chapter ever!! She did it!! Misaki finally said it!!
    Kyaa!! sooooooo cute!!!^^
    Can’t wait for the next chapter…


  2. LOL, this is definitely one of the cornerstones of development in the manga.
    What I thought after she kissed him was “that’s so moee :3”
    Now the Usui background part of the plot is going to be revealed, oh yeah.

  3. baka-neko says:

    misaki x USUI ~ <3
    neither. they updated just yesterday. hopefully they will have ch58 done within another month =3=

    moemoe indeed ~ (Y)

  4. omg!i love maid sama!wish 8 has a movie!i lo9ve usui

  5. Cieelene says:


    • baka-neko says:

      gufufufu ~ ♥
      So jelly when I was reading it!! <"
      Usui x Misa chaan ~ on their christmas datee at a theme park ♥

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